Testing Solutions for IBM i

Re-defining IBM i, IBM iSeries, AS/400 Testing Solutions.

Test data needs tender loving care and under pressure QA teams can’t afford to wait for their turn in the DBA queue. Use our IBM i Testing Solutions to Extract, transform, warp and protect one of your most important test assets and without a line of SQL in sight.

For 25 years we have offered capabilities for the IBM i that went deeper than any other platform and addressed the particular demands of this server and its operating system. 

Testing APIs and Batch Programs for IBM i

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Track everything

Testing APIs, batch programs and NEPs running on the IBM i is not easy and STRDBG is often your only friend in town.With TestBench you can access every aspect of a program execution and set automatic invalid state markers.Track pretty much everything, from database effects to job log messages. From data queues to data areas. From program calls to IBM MQ traffic.

Create and Manage Test Data

Select and sample

Stop copying the entire live database and hone in on the data you really need. Select or sample data with full referential integrity preserved

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Database Testing

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Test thoroughly

The database is arguably the most critical part of any application. If the data is wrong or corrupted, then the system will not function as expected.

TestBench provides features to help test at the database level when testing, whether unit, system, integration or regression testing.

Automated Regression Testing

Test the UI and the underlying components

Whilst most automated regression testing focuses on the user interface, a capability delivered by TestDrive for any type of UI whether green screen, browser, Windows GUI, Java etc. TestBench also enables regression testing of underlying components and methods.

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Test Data Management

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Best practices

Most testing is about trying to prove things work the way they should, and that needs good test data. For that, you, in turn, need good test data management.techniques. Find out best practices as they relate to the creation, maintenance, validation, use, and re-use of test data environments on the IBM i.

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