Test Management

Complete control of all your testing in a flexible and totally customizable package. Neat.

Dial your testing capabilities up to 11

You know that the right management tools have the potential to supercharge whatever they are managing. Test Management is no different. With the right test management solution, you’ll start producing better-tested software, faster, with no additional effort. 

Or, you can put in the additional effort and take your testing capabilities into the stratosphere. You seem like that kind of person.

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  • Manage any and all testing, for all time

    A future-proof solution that is totally customizable, so you can plug any tests from any system into it and see exactly what you need to. 

  • Made for modern teams

    Small teams, large teams, hybrid teams, geographically dispersed teams – our solution is scalable, easy to install, and works as a standalone app or through a web browser.

  • Great test management = great software releases

    See all issues raised during tests, in real time, for instant triage and confidence that you’re catching every bug. You can also create new tests from existing test assets, helping you create better tests with ease.

  • Keep everyone informed

    Help people find the information they need in real time, no matter how they interact with the software, with a detailed audit trail for the Sherlocks on your team. Detailed yet accessible reports can be created at the push of a button. 

One place to capture/manage/automate all of your testing. All of your testing, one platform. Find out more

Manage any test the best

We built our solution to be infinitely configurable. Whatever testing you’re doing, whatever process you follow, we can make your life easier. 

  • Take inputs from other testing software

    We integrate with a variety software testing platforms, giving you a central place to manage them from.  

  • See automated and manual tests next to each other

    Manual and automated tests don’t always play nicely together. Now you can manage both in the same place. 

  • Manage everything

    You can configure our solution for any software testing you need to do – regression testing, user acceptance testing, alpha testing – you name it, you can manage it.  

  • Full insights into every test

    Our solution lets you dive into any test to instantly see outcomes, feedback, issues, and their status. You can even see related information such as which test case your test is based on to get to a deep understanding of each and every test.  

It's extremely quick and easy to map project methodologies into the system. It's intuitive to use, and the ability to hold all documents in a single area is a major benefit. It was exactly what we needed to manage our testing effectively.

Test Management outputs to shout about

Tracking testing is only half the story. Our solution lets you tell people what’s going on with ease.

  • See what’s going on NOW

    All our dashboards show information in real time. No need to hit a refresh button to get the full picture. 

  • Desktop app or browser   

    However you choose to work, you can see the same data and dashboards with the same level of detail and intelligence. Our browser interface is even optimized for viewing on tablets. 

  • Speedy status reports

    Our solution makes generating reports on the progress of testing a doddle, based on a full audit trail for every test.  

Viasat telecommunications dish

In the past, we would have to go person to person, department by department to assemble numbers for reports. Now, our test cases are gathered by functional area and then by functional steps so we can see how many have been started, passed, and failed.

Patrick Hooper Business Analyst, Viasat


End-to-end test management across any app

Your tech stack isn’t limited to just one application. That’s why our test management solution has been built to work across any and all of them, so when you need to test across your ERP system, web portal, green screen app or any other integrated system, whether cloud or on-premise, we can help.

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A solution for test managers and business users alike

Testers have a wide range of experience with the testing process and its associated systems. We’re confident your least computer-literate employee will get on with our solution. 

  • No more information overload

    You can specify who sees what, so users don’t have to go hunting for the information they need – it’s right in front of them. 

  • Everything is connected

    In a matter of clicks, users can get access to a host of information related to individual tests – other tests that belong to the same business process, connected issues and their status, even the original test case that a test was based on. 

  • Powerful and secure

    Permissions can be set for all users so nobody accesses data they shouldn’t, making sure your testing is compliant with all relevant legislation.  

Test Management in action 

Dalmatian dog lying down, in monochrome

Planning is unbelievably easier […] now it takes about ten minutes a week. And what’s even better is that the test teams can manage their own workloads. It’s easy for them to prioritize tasks themselves.

David Jewell QA Manager, Ageas

Key features

The ingredients of test management success 

All your test assets in one place

Test cases, test results, change requests, defects, and more – all in one system. 

Instant access and a unified view

Everyone can see and input into the quality process, allowing real-time decision making and better results. 

Dashboards and reporting

Have the information you need at your fingertips. If you don’t like the out-of-the-box dashboards, create your own.  

Fully configurable and scalable

An infinite number of customizations let you tailor our solution to your needs – now, and in the future as those needs evolve. 

Capture everything

Every phase of testing can be held and completed in our solution, and you can report on each phase separately if needed. 

Rolebased security

Choose from a range of accumulated permissions. Integration with LDAP is fully supported so existing user data can be simply extended. 

Test Management resources and support

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Test Management FAQs

  • Can you use Test Management in a hybrid agile process? 

    Yes. Because our solution is customizable and updates in real time, it can be used in many SDLC methodologies, including hybrid Agile and fully Agile processes. 

  • Can different personas have different abilities in the system?

    Yes. We use industry standard rolebased security, which means different roles – or personas – can be given different abilities and permissions. This means that you can restrict who can perform certain updates or processes. Electronic signatures can also be utilized for more specific SOP such as those used in the pharmaceutical industry. Users can even have different roles in different projects, to give you full flexibility.

  • What reporting capabilities are available?

    Our solution can report on any element of your testing that you need. It comes with a full set of preconfigured dashboards, charts, and simple reports, and users can also create their own unique view of the data based on their needs. A full ‘professional’ report designer tool that can be utilized if a more encompassing output is required. These reports can be saved in most of the standard formats. 

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