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Our enterprise software testing platform helps you test your Infor ERP (and entire tech stack) better and faster than ever before while reducing the risk from failed updates.

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Testing for the Cloud(Suite) age

Infor Cloudsuite is changing how your organization needs to approach testing. CloudSuite releases and updates are no longer in your control. They come thick and fast, ready or not. Add this to an ever-expanding IT ecosystem of integrations and the risk of failure is more real and greater than ever.

With over 70% of businesses using spreadsheets and 60% struggling with deadlines, it’s time for a better, future-proof way to test that puts you back in control of software quality.

Our platform gives you one place to manage, capture and automate your testing, whether CloudSuite, on-premise, M3, LN, LX, XA, Syteline, Lawson, Baan or other Infor application.

One place to capture/manage/automate all of your testing. All of your testing, one platform. Find out more

“Originally we had planned for 3 months to test the M3 upgrade in 6 countries. With these tools we have cut that time in half and saved 3 – 4,000 hours.”

Global ERP Configuration Owner, Valmet

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Learn why UAT is critical to your migration, what can happen if you don’t consider testing from the start of your project, and read real-life success stories of companies who’ve been there and done it.

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End-to-end across Infor and more

Your tech stack isn’t limited to just Infor. That’s why our solutions are built to work across Infor and any integrated application. So when you need to test a process spanning across Infor ERP, web portal, green screen app or any other integrated system, whether cloud or on-premise, we can help.

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Reynolds Catering were jumping up four versions of Infor M3. With our solutions in their arsenal, they did twenty times more testing than they expected, with just a fifth of the resources, and the upgrade was a success. 

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