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Solutions to help you test Infor better and faster, so you can update and achieve more.

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Tame the Infor testing beast

Quite aside from the looming prospect of migrating to CloudSuite, testing Infor is complex. Existing integrations, new integrations, patches and updates – the effort and complexity all add up. With our help, you can get control of all your testing, get it done faster, and reduce the number of bugs that slip through the net – giving your users better tools, and your IT team a better night’s sleep.

Master faster testing and win more with Infor

Whatever the roadmap is for your Infor implementation, we can help you turn testing from an onerous chore into something that makes people go “I’m glad you did that!”

Our solutions help you get testing done faster. A LOT faster.  


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  • Document processes 75% faster

    By recording users doing what they do every day, you can record business processes that you need to test incredibly fast. Those records can instantly be turned into tests, too.

  • Execute tests 75% faster

    You can quickly create and run automated test scripts for regression and functionality testing, and our manual testing tools make both directed and exploratory testing simple.

  • Document issues 95% faster

    Our solutions let testers quickly add markup to screenshots, describing problems in exact detail and flagging them to test managers in real time. Those issues can then be triaged and tracked through to resolution, with no need to go back and ask anyone to replicate the issue.

Originally we had planned for 3 months to test the M3 upgrade in 6 countries. With these tools we have cut that time in half and saved 3 - 4,000 hours.


End-to-end across Infor and more

Your tech stack isn’t limited to just Infor. That’s why our solutions are built to work across Infor and any integrated application. So when you need to test a process spanning across Infor ERP, web portal, green screen app or any other integrated system, whether cloud or on-premise, we can help.

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The power to eliminate ALL bugs

Software updates always ruffle a few users’ feathers (and it’s always a bit bumpy migrating users to the cloud). But with our solutions, you can make sure that the support tickets your users raise won’t be about bugs that slipped through your testing process. 

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  • Infor and more

    Our solutions aren’t just built for Infor. You can test third-party integrations, and processes that take users from Infor to your CRM, ERP, even to green screen terminal emulators, and back again.

  • Epic regression testing

    Our solution uses patented technology to check for ANY changes in your software – you don’t have to tell it what to look for. That means you can uncover bugs you didn’t even know you were looking for.

  • Track issues from identification to resolution

    It’s easy for testers (even business users) to flag issues. It’s also easy for test managers to triage those issues and share them with the devs. And (surprise) it’s easy to track each and every issue so you can be sure they’re all fixed. 

  • Finally, feedback that actually makes sense

    Our solutions help users leave feedback that’s clear, concise, and automatically flagged to test managers. No more asking business users to replicate issues or explain what their feedback meant.

See how someone else has done it

Reynolds Catering were jumping up four versions of Infor M3. With our solutions in their arsenal, they did twenty times more testing than they expected, with just a fifth of the resources, and the upgrade was a success. 

Follow in their footsteps

Truly end-to-end testing

Infor is a big beast. Make sure you’ve wrangled it in its entirety with our help. 

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  • Leave no process undocumented

    Because we document business process by recording users at work, you can be confident you’ve captured every process that needs testing, across the whole business.

  • Test processes end-to-end

    Link different tests into groups so you can easily see every step of every process, and its associated test results.

  • Patching and upgrading made easy

    With solutions aimed at making UAT easy and effective for business users, you can handle ongoing patches and upgrades with confidence.

  • Manage everything in one place

    All your tests, at every stage of the SDLC, are managed in our solution. Users see only the tests and information they need to, while test managers can easily get a top-level view or drill down into the detail. 

INFOR TESTING resources and support

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Process documentation

Blueprinting like you’ve never seen it before. Quickly and effortlessly map out every business process, just by watching what users do.

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Manual testing

Capture issues faster, increase visibility, and just make manual testing less of a pain for everyone in your organization.

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Test automation

Create scripts 4x faster, see bugs in production… never. Oh, and an ACTUAL code-free solution.

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User acceptance testing

Bad UAT can kill your business. Good UAT can deliver software 60% faster, with fewer errors, and save you thousands.

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Test management

Infor testing is complex. Reduce post-deployment issues by as much as 94%, increase test efficiency by 125% in one year, improve happiness by 10,000%.

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