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Identify every change, every time, all without ever seeing a line of code.

This is what test automation is supposed to be like

Imagine a world where test automation was so advanced that all you need to do is point the system at a new version of your software, and in a flash it’ll tell you what’s changed, whether it’s images, text, links, spellings or even system performance. A world where you can be confident you’ve caught all the bugs in an application, every time. 

Stop imagining. It’s here now. 

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  • 100% code-free test automation

    Everyone says their solution is code-free. Ours is so code-free that non-technical users can create and run automated tests as easily as testing experts. Finally, test automation for the people!

  • Industry-leading regression testing

    Instantly see exactly what has changed from your baseline. There’s no need to tell our solution what to test. It sees all – including issues you may not have been expecting – so you have the potential to release software that’s 100% bug-free. This is true regression testing.

  • Much more than just automation

    Clever software backed by meaty management capabilities. Integrate test automation into CI/CD effortlessly, and instantly see every test and its owner to ensure everything is tested and everyone is on track.

  • Get information to the right people

    Quickly alert the right people when issues are identified, in real time. Anyone can review tests to see in forensic detail exactly what’s wrong, and managers can track issues from discovery to resolution.

One place to capture/manage/automate all of your testing. All of your testing, one platform. Find out more

Automate tests like nobody else can

Our solution contains patented technology that enables it (and therefore you) to do things with test automation you may never have thought possible.

  • No need for instructions

    Once you have a baseline for a piece of software, you can see everything that’s changed. This eliminates the possibility of missing bugs because the test didn’t check for them.

  • Check everything

    Check that apps function as they should – and can also check that images look right, links work, and that system performance is what it should be. It can even check spelling for you.

  • Create new test scripts? Easy peasy

    You can create test scripts based on recordings of user activity, or build them yourself step by step – all without ever seeing a line of code. So, your testing framework can keep pace with business change.

  • Automation, heal thyself

    Never worry about updated software breaking a script – our solution lets you alter automations while the test is running to account for changes in the software. 


The functionality was extremely powerful, and there was no need for programming at any stage.

Powerful capabilities, an elegant solution

Original Software is a one-stop shop for all your test automation needs 

  • Test automation over any application…

    SAP, Salesforce, IBM i, even single-page applications and green-screen terminal emulators – you name it, you can test it. 

  • Test processes end-to-end

    Within a single test you can test multiple applications and technologies, showing you how each step of a business process will work (or not, depending on the results of your test!)  

  • Track defects through to completion

    After a test is complete, you can instantly review issues, triage them, and send them to your dev team, with a complete view of all defects available and updated in real-time.  

The amount of change we’ve made in the last 12 months has been more than in the previous twenty years. Test automation has been a key part of that.

Alistair Norrie Business Technology Program Manager, Edrington Distillers


End-to-end test automation across any app

Your tech stack isn’t limited to just one application. That’s why our test automation solution has been built to work across any and all of them. So when you need to test across your ERP system, web portal, green screen app or any other integrated system, whether cloud or on-premise, we can help.
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We’re executing about 650 different test scripts in regression testing using TestDrive, which is of enormous value to the business…your product is first class.

Phil Court Head of Technology Delivery, Marston’s Plc

Key features

What makes up a world-class test automation solution like ours?

100% code-free

Really. At no point will you ever need programming skills to use our solution. Playback timing, screenshots, and analysis of all the visible and invisible screen elements, are all handled automatically. 

One script, many browsers

Cross-browser testing over any Chromium-based browser at the click of a button, without the need to re-create script, including over single-page ‘Ajax’ applications. 

Complete end-to-end testing

A single test can encompass multiple applications and technologies whether cloud, browser, green screen, Windows GUI, Java, SAP, Salesforce, or something else entirely. 

Automatic and complete regression testing

Every element of every screen is checked as standard, identifying all changes including unexpected ones other solutions might miss. 

Human vision annotation

Our patented user annotation tech thinks like a user does. Technical changes to your application won’t break it. 

Minimal script maintenance

If the solution cannot complete a script, it invites you to add new steps while the test is running, then adds them to the script. 

Automatic synchronization

Synchronization errors are a thing of the past. Our solution automatically waits for server responses so your tests never get out of sync, even over single page web apps. 

Object recognition and simplification

Our solution knows what you need to see and what’s just clutter – and filters the noise out for you.

Fully managed automation services

Let us build your automation

Our team of automation experts is on hand and ready to help! That could be that little boost to get your testing journey started, setting up your UAT, or fully creating your automated test cases.

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  • Experienced automation experts

    Our team have experience in building automation in a wide variety of applications including SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and Infor.

  • Customizable packages

    Whether you’re looking for a fast-start while your team get up to speed, or want us to build it all for you, we’ll work on a package that will meet your needs.

  • Knowledge transfer for your team

    When we’ve built your test automation, our experts will hand it over and help mentor your team so they can continue to build using our platform.

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