IBM i Testing

A code-free solution for testing any part of your IBM i setup, with powerful data management tools

Making IBM i testing simple

IBM i is a big, complex entity. But testing in IBM i doesn’t have to be big or complex. Our solutions give you the power to test anything from APIs to databases, comprehensively, and with a full record of what’s happening so you can deliver bug-free updates to your business. And, crucially, Original Software helps you look after the most vital test asset: your data.

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Batch process testing

Test every element of a program, from database effects to program calls to MQ traffic, so you can test APIs, batch programs and NEPs with ease – and without resorting to debug mode.

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Create and manage test data

Test data makes or breaks your testing. We help you easily create test data that’s safe to use, covers every scenario you could want, and which can be easily sampled or rolled back without bothering your DB admins.

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Database testing

Make sure your database is fighting fit with tools that give you complete visibility of what your database is doing, and can automatically flag unexpected events or failures for your attention.

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Test automation

Combine the power of our IBM i testing software with our code-free and intuitive test automation software to reduce UI testing effort and errors.

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Data privacy

Ensure your test data doesn’t violate privacy regulations with powerful obfuscation technology.

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Time to revolutionize how you test IBM i

The capabilities in our software come together in a variety of ways to help you with vital testing tasks.

  • Dedicated testing software

    There are change management tools for IBM i that include testing capabilities, but our solution is built to test. That’s its only job, and it does it very well.

  • Built for users

    While other solutions are built with developers in mind, ours work well for developers and for business users and QA managers, so everyone can test with ease.

  • Built for all IBM i applications

    Whether you’re testing applications that have stayed the same for 15 years, new applications using cutting-edge architecture, or processes that involve third party software, we have you covered.

This has had an incredible impact on our business. We are providing a much more robust and better product to the end-users. Our support and customer service teams are delighted.

Bobby Erwin Business Systems Analyst, Vermont Information Processing

Part of a bigger picture

We know our tools aren’t the only ones you’ll be using to manage your IBM i environment. So we built our software to work well with other solutions and workflows.

  • Data management

    Integrate data extraction and scrambling into workflows that need them, such as promoting changes into a test or a UAT environment.

  • Batch and UI testing

    You can use these capabilities before and/or after changes are promoted to an environment, to ensure that anything promoted to that environment is suitable for testing.

IBM i Testing resources and support

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How our IBM i testing solutions are built

Our solutions work together to give you a one-stop shop for IBM i testing.

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