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It’s time to make your UAT awesome

UAT has always been clunky and expensive, but when you only had to test updates once a year (or less) it didn’t really matter. Now that you’re migrating to cloud-based apps where the vendor is free to (and does) release new software every month, and now that the volume of apps most businesses are using is rising fast, it’s time for a purpose-built solution that lets you rapidly test new updates without missing anything. 

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  • Quality UAT, quality software

    Awesome UAT gives you fast and accurate feedback, speeding up test cycles and reducing the number of cycles you need to get software out the door with minimal defects. 

  • UAT that people actually want to do

    Our UAT solution makes testing faster and easier for business users, disrupting their lives less and making it easier for you to get them to do UAT in the first place.  

  • Vendor releases no longer a pain in the SaaS

    Vendors are releasing updates more frequently than ever. Our UAT solution helps you keep pace without breaking a sweat. 

  • Total control of your testing

    Get complete control of your UAT process with powerful management tools, automated regression testing, and rapid issue fixing.

One place to capture/manage/automate all of your testing. All of your testing, one platform. Find out more

UAT done right

Our UAT solution makes it easy for IT to manage the entire process, delivering great results without breaking a sweat.

  • One place for all your UAT

    A single view of all your tests and all your feedback, including resource management, issue triage, defect management, and status updates from your developers.

  • Clever automation focuses effort

    A lot of what people consider UAT is actually regression testing. With our solution, you can automate this, so you and your business users can focus on genuine UAT.

  • Speed up cycle times

    Deliver software 50% faster. Enough said.

  • Fewer cycles, lower cost

    UAT is traditionally the most expensive testing because it requires business users to give up their time to do it. Doing UAT faster, and with fewer cycles, reduces costs and makes for happier users.

The solution works seamlessly to help us provide the documentation we need and the visibility and management of our UAT process.

Keeping UAT simple for business users

Business users have enough to do without adding difficult UAT to the list.

  • Train in minutes

    It’s that intuitive. Say goodbye to recording long training videos that nobody will watch, and hello to users getting up and running in 30 minutes.

  • Clever automation focuses effort

    A lot of what people consider UAT is actually regression testing. With our solution you can automate this, so you and your business users can focus on genuine UAT.

  • Effortless feedback

    Test results are automatically captured, and both users and test managers can edit, annotate, and enhance feedback to make it more meaningful. You’ll never have to ask a business user what their feedback meant again.

  • Instant training guides

    Just add UAT. Create fully illustrated and editable training guides, which can be written or animated. Perfect for new starters, CPD, and reducing the IT team’s to-do list.  

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End-to-end UAT across any app

Your tech stack isn’t limited to just one application. That’s why our UAT solution has been built to work across any and all of them. So when you need to test across your ERP system, web portal, green screen app or any other integrated system, whether cloud or on-premise, we can help.
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User Acceptance Testing that’s both powerful and elegant

Behind its simple and easy-to-use interface, our solution has lots going on to help make your UAT truly game-changing.

  • System-agnostic

    Salesforce, IBM i, SAP, even single page apps – whatever you run, we can test it, no problem.

  • Test any process end-to-end

    The way we document tests means that you can move through multiple applications, and everything is captured. There’s nothing we can’t help you test.

  • Less mess than you’re used to

    Embrace a single place and intuitive interface for managing everything to do with UAT, from test creation to collecting results. No more spreadsheets, emails, or screenshots. 

  • See the wood for the UATrees

    Personalized views of work make sure everyone sees exactly what they need to see, with no distractions. 

Fully managed automation services

Let us build your automation

Our team of automation experts is on hand and ready to help! That could be that little boost to get your testing journey started, setting up your UAT, or fully creating your automated test cases.

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  • Experienced automation experts

    Our team have experience in building automation in a wide variety of applications including SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and Infor.

  • Customizable packages.

    Whether you’re looking for a fast start while your team get up to speed, or want us to build it all for you, we’ll work on a package that will meet your need.

  • Knowledge transfer for your team

    When we’ve built your test automation, our experts will hand it over and help mentor your team so they can continue to build using our platform.

Key features

The ingredients of UAT Nirvana

Multi-app process recording

In a single test you can switch between multiple applications, including the MS Office suite, to capture the full process.

Technology-agnostic testing

Test any application. At all. Browser-based, desktop applications, even green screen emulators.

Post-creation editing and enhancement

Once a test has been recorded, both business users and IT can amend and mark up the test to add more detail and make sure feedback is as clear as possible.

Requirements management

From test cases, to change requests, to the technical specs of the apps involved in a test, our solution captures it all so the right people see it at the right time.

Output in multiple formats

Test results can be saved in Word or as PDFs. You can even use animations to create training guides.

Survey and capture

Gather insight from your business users with surveys that help you make the right decisions.

Resource management

You gain a powerful view of all work in progress, allocated tasks, and upcoming projects – even including timesheet data, if you need it. 

User-level security

All our software uses role-based security, with a full range of accumulated permissions. 

UAT resources and support

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User Acceptance Testing FAQs

  • What is User Acceptance Testing (UAT)?

    User acceptance testing is a type of software testing that verifies if the software meets the requirements of the user and is acceptable for use. UAT is a crucial phase in software development where end-users evaluate the system’s functionality and usability. It involves testing the software in a real-world environment to ensure that it meets the users’ requirements and expectations. During UAT, users perform various tests, including functionality testing, usability testing, and performance testing, to identify any issues or discrepancies. The feedback gathered during UAT helps developers make necessary improvements and ensures that the software is ready for deployment. Ultimately, UAT plays a vital role in ensuring that the software meets the users’ needs and delivers a high-quality user experience.

  • Who should prepare test cases for users doing UAT?

    Whoever does it needs good knowledge of business processes – otherwise, the test cases won’t accurately reflect what business users do. The users themselves will know, of course, but their time is precious. If nobody else has the knowhow needed, your best option is to document business processes by monitoring and recording what users do. Once that’s done, though, you’ll still need to check that users are happy with the nature and extent of the test cases.

  • Why do we need to do UAT when the IT team, or software vendor, has already tested the software?

    Other software tests are focused on whether an application works functionally – does this button work, does that menu show the right things, and so forth. UAT asks the question: “can you actually do your job with this software?” Looking at things from that angle will often reveal issues or changes that other tests would not reveal, helping you avoid releasing software that looks fine, but actually stops people doing their jobs.

  • How can we make things easier for users when they are doing UAT?

    Anything that helps them get through the test faster, while ensuring they still do the test right, is a winner. Look at how they give feedback – how much effort do they have to put into it? Can you capture any of that without them having to lift a finger? Can you make the way they give feedback consistent? Ideally, the user experience of UAT should be as close to doing their actual job as possible.

  • Is it better to get temp staff in to do UAT, or to do users’ jobs while they do UAT?

    The only people who can do UAT effectively are the users. Temp staff aren’t familiar with your business or its processes, so there’s no way they can do the tests. It also removes the actual business users from the process, making them less receptive to software updates. If you find you need additional resources to keep things moving while users are doing UAT, then get the temps to fill in the users’ day jobs.

  • Can you automate UAT?

    Sort of. A lot of what people consider UAT is technically regression testing – that is, testing all the bits of the application that haven’t changed, to make sure they still work. These can be automated. But for all the new elements of the software, automation would be very tricky to do – and, of course, you still need to answer the question of whether a human can use the software to do their job. That has to be done by a human being – but the right software can help make it faster and smoother for everyone.

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