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Your tech stack isn’t limited to one application. That’s why our platform is built to work across any and all of them. So when you need to test a process spanning across your ERP, web portal, green screen app or any other integrated system, whether cloud or on-premise, we can help.
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ERP Testing FAQs

  • What's the best ERP software testing tool?

    When you want to test your ERP, you need to make sure that the testing tool/software/platform that can not only work with your ERP, but also one that will allow you to test your business processes that likely span more than your ERP. For example, a customer purchase might actually involve an e-commerce website, a CRM, an accounting system, a warehouse management system…you get the picture. It needs to go beyond just your ERP. With our platform, we’ve got you covered as we work end-to-end across all the big ERPs (SAP, Oracle, Infor, IBM) and any other system you have integrated. Whether on-premise or Cloud.

  • How do I test my ERP?

    Wow. That’s quite a big question there. Simply put, there is no one answer as a lot of it will depend on what ERP you have, how customised it is, how many systems integrate with it, whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud… But don’t worry, we can help. Schedule a 30 min chat with our team and we can take a look at what you might need and advise how you best go about delivering your testing.

  • Can I automate ERP testing?

    Yes you can! But automation is the destination…you need to go on a testing journey first. While we know automation is the holy grail – less cost, time, people involved, you can’t leap to automating testing straight off. First stop is figuring out your strategy and plan – what needs testing, how and by who. The next step is writing your tests. You’ll likely need a business-friendly code-free software platform for you to build out your tests. Then you need to run them as manual tests, to check they work ok and do what they’re meant to. Then, and only then, can you look to turn those manual tests into shiny automated tests and start saving all that time and money!

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