Manual Testing

Take away the pain of creating tests and recording results. Create high-quality applications faster.

Manual testing and painful doesn’t have to be synonymous

Whether it’s QA testing or business users conducting user acceptance testing, there will always be a need for manual testing. But right now, manual testing takes a LOT of work.

Our manual testing solution gives you the tools to quickly create and assign tests, and makes gathering feedback so much faster and more consistent. As a result, you can make manual testing a breeze, whoever is doing it – and so deliver excellent applications faster and with fewer defects than you’d believe possible.

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  • Full control of manual testing

    Powerful tools capture feedback automatically, show test managers exact progress, and generate useful reports at the click of a button. Finally, the tools manual testing has been crying out for. 

  • Tools that mean you can test easy

    Make manual testing almost effortless for your testers. Both scripted and exploratory testing are supported, so people can test how they want to, in a powerful yet elegant solution.

  • Release better software, faster

    By capturing issues more effectively, and improving test coverage, you can speed up test cycles and catch more defects, improving the quality of the software you release. 

  • Reporting that drives action

    Instantly generate reports in a variety of formats to show everyone exactly where the issues are, and quickly triage issues so they can be fixed.

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Redefining manual testing tools

Both QA testers and business users will love our manual testing solutions, designed to be unobtrusive but powerful. 

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  • No more tedious note-taking

    We make it easy for testers to annotate screenshots and make notes that devs and test managers can understand, helping everyone work in harmony.

  • Instant issue creation

    If a tester spots an issue, they can raise it in real time. Test managers can triage those issues, or they can go straight to your dev team for defect management.

  • Full control for testers

    Our solution captures screenshots automatically, but users can also add their own – or pause the test and the recording if they need to switch to another task.

  • Powerful capabilities, pleasing experience

    We support processes; we don’t dictate them. Our manual testing solution gives you all the tools you need, wrapped up in an intuitive UI that lets you test how you want to. 


The software proved very easy for them to understand and use. Out of 100 users, I think I only had about six calls for help.

Make test management your best management

Assigning tests, collecting results, managing defects – do it all, stress-free.

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  • All your tests in one place

    Set reminders for when business processes are due to change, so your library never gets out of date. You can even update the library based on a recent test, if there has been a change you didn’t know about. 

  • A rich view of test information

    Deep dive into any test to see associated feedback, issues that have been raised and their progress – even see which test cases a test is based on.

  • Create end-to-end tests in moments

    String multiple tests together to test a process end-to-end, even across multiple applications. You can even set dependencies, to make sure process steps are done in the right order.

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In speeding up and streamlining our testing processes, Original Software has helped improve the productivity of our IT and business teams by reducing the time required for testing.

J.P. Jones SVP & CIO, Macerich

Smart ideas to take testing further

We’ve added other capabilities into our Manual Testing solution to let you do more with your testing than you might expect.

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  • System agnostic

    Salesforce, IBM i, SAP, even single-page web applications – whatever you run, you can test it, no problem. You can even generate reports for vendor teams at the push of a button.

  • Multi-app tests welcome

    The way we document tests means that it’s easy to create and run tests that span multiple applications – perfect for the modern business.

  • User-level security

    A role-based security model ensures that you can run tests without the fear of someone seeing data or systems they shouldn’t.

  • Easy user guide creation

    Test reports can be output to create user guides for anyone who is new to an application or process. Those guides can be written or even animated.

Built to connect

End-to-end manual testing across any application

Your tech stack isn’t limited to just one application. That’s why our manual testing solution is built to work across any and all of them. So when you need to test a process spanning across your ERP, web portal, green screen app or any other integrated system, whether cloud or on-premise, we can help.

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Manual testing in action 

Defect process times have been slashed, from identification to resolution.

Martin Moen Deputy CIO, IPERS

Key features

The makeup of Manual Testing perfection

Guided & exploratory testing

Guide a user through a test with detailed instructions, or let them explore and track their every activity.

Complete activity tracking & audit trail

While the user gets on with the test, our solution captures every action, click, and input they perform, and automatically identifies new screens or pages.

Mark-up, edit & enhance

If a user spots an issue, either during testing or when reviewing test results, they can easily mark up the problem and set a severity level for fast triage.

Automatic quality checks

Including spelling, performance, hardware impact, and link checking. Exact performance data is captured as standard so you can fully evaluate UX.

Reuse, modify, repeat

Automatically save tests and modify for re-use

Process & training documentation

Turn test recordings into reference manuals and animated how-to guides for training and support, complete with markups and comments to enhance the experience for users.

Results analysis

All information about a test result, including performance, can be completely analyzed in the Result Viewer.

Raise issues

Separate to markup, users can flag defects while a test is in progress, optionally linked to a test step. You can automatically pass full details to the developer, or review them beforehand.

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Manual Testing FAQs

  • Can Manual Testing be used in an agile setting?

    Yes! In fact, the ability to quickly document a process, whether through exploratory testing or a user storydriven process, supports the agile methodology. And because issues are raised in real time, you can easily report back to devs in time for the next sprint. 

  • Can the results of end users' tests be triaged before a defect is created?

    Yes. If your testers aren’t experienced at testing – meaning they may flag issues that aren’t as important as they seem – then you can implement a full triage cycle to review any issues testers report before you submit them to your dev team. 

  • How easy is it to make notes against the results of a test?

    Incredibly easy. The solution is designed so that users can add comments and markup in the moment, allowing them to select portions of a screen to comment on mid-test, and after the test. Test managers can also add notes once a test is complete in order to add further context, if needed.

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