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There are lots of different elements to a testing program. Different testing stages, defect tracking, requirements management – the list goes on. Qualify puts everything in one place, giving test managers the chance to cut the confusion and make management easier. Suitable for teams of under ten all the way up to hundreds of users, Qualify promises to help you keep doing more with testing for years to come.

One place to capture/manage/automate all of your testing. All of your testing, one platform. Find out more

What can you do with Qualify?

Process documentation

Turn recordings of business processes made using TestAssist into new tests that you can link to specific processes, or even process steps.

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Manual testing

Quickly organize any manual testing so that testers can see exactly what they need to do and when – and you can see exactly what they’ve done and what issues they’ve discovered.

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Test automation

Control all your test scripts in the same place as your manual tests, and see results and issues in real time so you can triage and pass them to the developers.

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User acceptance testing

Make the most important yet arduous testing phase a cinch by managing all tests and feedback in the same place.

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Built with users at heart

Qualify works because it’s easy for managers and for testers to use. So easy, in fact, that users can be up and running in days instead of weeks.

  • Clarity for everyone

    Testers only see the tests they’ve been assigned, with clear deadlines. Test managers see everything, including who is responsible for each test, so nothing gets missed.

  • Manage your way

    Whether your team uses agile, waterfall, V model or something else, Qualify can support your processes rather than imposing new ones on you.

  • See the full picture

    With reporting at test, project, department, and even company level, you’ll always be able to find the information you’re looking for.

All your stuff in one place

Qualify puts an end to managing via multiple systems, making it easier to track everything.

  • Manage all test phases

    From system testing to UAT, you can track all your testing in Qualify, reporting on each phase separately.

  • A full test asset repository

    Qualify holds EVERYTHING to do with tests: requirements, test cases, individual tests, test results, issues, and defects. It’s all there at your fingertips.

  • See how it all fits together

    Intelligent dashboards show you linked information. See all issues related to a test, or all tests assigned to a specific user, all issues raised by a specific user… whatever view is most useful to you.

A management solution that plays nicely with others

Qualify works with just about any piece of software you need it to.

  • Integrate with DevOps

    Qualify can raise and track defects in Jira, making it possible to tightly integrate your testing and DevOps processes so nothing gets missed.

  • Easy import/export

    Get information from old solutions into Qualify with ease, and get it out for others to see with equal ease.

  • Go beyond testing

    Qualify can manage more than tests, if you want it to. With tight security, customizable workflows and more, Qualify can manage anything your IT team is doing.

Featured solutions

Solutions that use Qualify

Featured solutions.

  • Manual testing

    Qualify is the brains behind our manual testing solution, keeping track of all tests and test assets for you.

  • Test Automation

    Control our code-free yet powerful test automation solution from Qualify.

  • User acceptance testing

    UAT is often overlooked from a management perspective, despite it being the most important testing phase. Make that a thing of the past with our solution.

The things that make Qualify quality

There’s a lot going on in Qualify – here’s a list of its key features.

Full test asset repository

Store and manage everything related to testing, including requirements, test cases, test results, change requests, and defects.

Easy test planning

A drag-and-drop interface lets you plan testing requirements and resourcing quickly and simply.

Test scheduling

Once you have a plan in place, assign tests to team members and set deadlines for when tests need to be completed.

Flexible test execution management

Test managers can easily check progress on a testing phase and reassign tasks as needed to keep things on track.

To-do list

Testers can see at a glance what tests they need to complete, updated in real time.

Understand and analyze test effort

Estimate how long tests should take, and then compare that with actual times so you more accurately plan work in the future.

Record everything about a test

Qualify captures test results, issues reported, and other key information. Test managers can use this to track defects and understand how their tests are performing.

Manage defects alongside tests

Qualify includes complete defect management so you can track issues right through to completion.

Feedback management

Testers report more than just defects. Managers can triage issues and comments to ensure that developers only deal with genuine issues, and to capture feedback on the process, or even the product.

The Qualify product makes planning unbelievably easier. Now it takes about ten minutes a week. And what’s even better is that the test teams can manage their own workloads. It’s easy for them to access Qualify and prioritize tasks themselves.

David Jewell QA Manager Ageas

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