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Powerful yet simple end-to-end testing, even on the most customized Salesforce applications.

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If your organization uses Salesforce lightning, you probably wish that it was easier to test and release updates to users. And if you’re still a Salesforce Classic user, you’re probably looking nervously at the calendar, wondering when Classic is going to get turned off and you’ll have to switch to Lightning (and you probably already know that Classic hasn’t been updated since 2019!). Either way, there’s going to be a lot of testing in your future. 

Original Software can make that testing a breeze from beginning to finish. Even the most complex and customized Salesforce implementations can be tested faster and better, so you can do more with Salesforce. 

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A testing solution that Astro, Cloudy, Codey, Max & Ruth would all love

We love Salesforce’s Trailhead characters – they make a complex product much more approachable and easier to work with. That’s why we’re confident that they would love Original Software’s approach to testing. We share the goal of making your Salesforce experience better, by making it easier to test your software whether you’re rolling out updates, upgrading from Classic to Lightning, or need to check that an update in another system hasn’t affected your Salesforce processes.  

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  • Let users do their thing

    Whether you’re documenting processes or conducting a manual test, our solutions simply observe users in action. Documented processes can easily be turned into tests, and it’s easy to add comments to tests to identify issues or offer feedback. 

  • Code-free, unbreakable automation

    Our test automation is truly code-free, and can handle the ever-shifting landscape of objects and forms in Salesforce without breaking, so you spend less time fixing and more time testing.

  • Spend less time on the tedium

    Management is vital, but it can be a drag. We make it easy for you to control all your testing and test assets centrally, so you’re never stuck wondering what’s supposed to be happening. 

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We needed a solution that could deliver results quickly and could also work in the business-focused phases of testing – something that would not be limited to use by technical QA teams.


End-to-end across Salesforce and any app

Your tech stack isn’t limited to just Salesforce. That’s why our solutions are built to work across Salesforce and any integrated application. So when you need to test a process spanning across Salesforce, web portal, green screen app or any other integrated system, whether cloud or on-premise, we can help.

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Complexity, conquered

Application and platform agnosticism lie at the heart of our solutions, so no matter how you’ve got Salesforce set up, you can test better with us. 

  • Classic or Lightning

    Whichever interface you use – or even if you use Lightning modules in Classic mode you can test your processes with ease.

  • Visualforce page testing

    Got a custom Visualforce page that your business relies on? You can test that, either manually or using automation.

  • End-to-end testing

    Original Software gives you the tools to document and test every step of a business process – even if those processes move between Salesforce modules or even out of Salesforce entirely. 

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An established US-based nonprofit needed to improve testing, especially UAT, on their highly customized Salesforce application.

With Original Software, they managed to halve the time it takes to complete UAT, letting them release software faster and with far more control than before. 

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SALESFORCE TESTING resources and support

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Process documentation

Blueprinting like you’ve never seen it before. Quickly and effortlessly map out every business process, just by watching what users do.

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Manual testing

Capture issues faster, increase visibility, and just make manual testing less of a pain for everyone in your organization.

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Test automation

Create scripts 4x faster, see bugs in production… never. Oh, and an ACTUAL code-free solution.

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User acceptance testing

Bad UAT can kill your business. Good UAT can deliver software 60% faster, with fewer errors, and save you thousands.

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Test management

Salesforce testing is complex. Reduce post-deployment issues by as much as 94%, increase test efficiency by 125% in one year, improve happiness by 10,000%.

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