Process Documentation

Make sure you’re testing every process – and do more with your process documents.

  • Clever controls

    You own the processes, not the other way around. Quickly see gaps in your process library, get reminded when processes are due to change, and enjoy full version control.

  • Better and faster process capture

    Make your library more accurate, and document processes faster. Users just do what they do, and our software automatically captures the process in the background.

  • Create better process documents

    It’s easy to add information after the process has been captured to aid understanding, and all your documentation is standardized. Great for better testing and easy auditing.

  • Shout about your output

    With better process documents made faster, you can start testing faster, reducing cycle times. They can be quickly translated into automated tests, or used to build manual test cases. You can even turn them into animated or written manuals for new users

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Capture and store any business process 

Everyone’s processes are slightly different. So, we built our process documentation solution to be flexible enough to record any process at all. 

  • Record any application

    Observe and record any application – even single-page web applications or green screen terminals, and all major browsers. 

  • Record multi-application processes

    Need to take data from one application into another to complete the job? That’s fine. You can still record the entire process.  

  • Add extra context

    If there’s something you need to explain to the testers that isn’t immediately obvious, you can leave commentary on the screenshots our solution automatically creates for you. 

  • Keep your process document library with everything else

    See process documents in the same view as all your other testing information, with everything linked up so you can see exactly which tests are related to which processes.  

We performed the upgrade using full documentation within Original Software. Every test case was listed, and every test was executed, and screenshots captured.

Being a librarian has never been so cool

Maintain your process library the smart way. 

  • Know when change is coming

    Set reminders for when business processes are due to change, so your library never gets out of date. You can even update the library based on a recent test, if there has been a change you didn’t know about. 

  • Test with confidence

    It just takes a few clicks to create manual tests from a documented process, knowing you’re testing the entire process properly. You also have all the information on hand to create automated tests.  

  • Know your history

    If things seem amiss, you can easily see the entire history of a process, including when and who made any changes, so you can understand your present state in precise detail.  

We aren't just testing changes. We are capturing business processes, taking ownership of those processes, and adding integrity to our knowledge of the business.

Lori Andrade, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Information Technology, Macerich


End-to-end process documentation across any app

Your tech stack isn’t limited to just one application. That’s why our process documentation solution has been built to work across any and all of them. So when you need to test across your ERP system, web portal, green screen app or any other integrated system, whether cloud or on-premise, we can help.
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Documentation that drives value

You’re creating very handy documents here – but their value is more than you might at first think.

  • Unique to you

    Vendor user guides don’t always apply to your specific setup. Your process documents will, because they are actual recordings of actual people doing the actual work in your (actual) company. 

  • Driving full regression testing

    Because your tests are built directly from your business processes, when combined with our Test Automation solution they can show you every single change an update has made to your system, giving you the most comprehensive regression testing possible. 

  • Create handy onboarding materials

    Just like any of our test results, your processes can be exported as written documents or animations that show users exactly how to do the work. Perfect for training new hands, or refreshing old ones.  

Process Documentation in action 

Viasat telecommunications dish

As a bonus, we'll use the animation feature to convert screenshots to video training guides for educating new employees about business processes.

Patrick Hooper Business Analyst, Viasat

Key features

How it works 

Technology agnostic

Capture processes in any application, including browsers, desktop applications, or even green screen terminal emulators. 

End-to-end, multi-app process capture

Record across multiple applications to capture the whole process from start to finish. 

Post-creation edit and markup

Add comments and highlights to your process documents to make them more meaningful for test managers and testers.  

Multi-format output

Output process documents in Word, PDF, or as animations so everyone can understand the process. 

Process Documentation resources and support

Come and learn more about Process Documentation 

Frequently asked questions 

  • Who can use this solution?

    We’ve designed our process documentation solution so that, as long as you can use the application you want to document, you can use our solution.

  • How are the processes stored and organized?

    The solution uses our Qualify software to store processes. As test cases are built from a specific process, they remain linked to the process. The output of the process recording can also be saved independently and then held on an intranet page or SharePoint for anyone in the organization to utilize.

  • Are the number of processes, or applications to use, restricted in anyway?

    No. You can store unlimited processes for any application in our solution.

  • What if a process needs updating?

    You can quickly and easily update processes, either by manually editing the original recording, or by choosing a recent test to be your new process. By updating tests with additional steps, those recordings can become the new process that captures additional steps or different workflows. 

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