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Your clients want testing that’s quicker, cheaper, and better. Together, we can make that possible.

A golden string to your bow

We know that testing is probably just one of many services you offer to your clients. But it’s an important one. Effective testing means your client gets better software faster; if you get things really right then it can mean better margins for you, too. Our unique approach to software testing can give your capabilities the boost they need to enable you to deliver an outstanding overall service to your clients. 

Why partner with Original Software? 

The missing piece of the perfect delivery

Combining our powerful yet elegant testing solutions with your own capabilities gives you the power to deliver more to your clients and improve the results you get for them.

Tech you won’t find anywhere else

Our testing technology is unlike anything else out there. Patented innovations such as our self-healing test scripts, and our leadership in spaces such as IBM i testing mean that we’re as close to a testing silver bullet as you’re likely to get.

No expertise necessary

We built our testing solutions to be usable by your most un-technical team members. Users can be up and running on our solutions in days instead of weeks, and delivering value almost instantly, so you can keep costs down and wow clients when you need them to run tests.

Confidence included

We’re committed to helping you see success with our solutions, and to making quality software available to everyone. Our team is always on hand to support you as you deliver game-changing testing to your clients.

What does partnering with us give you? 

Increased productivity

Testing with our software helps you get more testing done, delivering a better product to your client.

Reduced project cost

Because testing gets done faster, you can do it while using less resource, saving you money without compromising anything.

Better quality testing

Our software has a track record of catching more bugs, and for delivering a better experience to users – so you can deliver a better product, and better quality service.

Happier clients

Because you can deliver better quality software and a better testing experience, your clients will be happier. Simple!

Faster project completion

Speeding up test cycles and reducing the number of cycles needed to get to great software means you can complete projects faster – allowing you to fit more work in (or get your evenings back, depending on how things are going!)

Partner with us

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