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Manage ongoing updates and BAU changes more effectively and prepare for your S/4HANA migration.

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It’s more than a migration

Without SAP, your business would be in trouble – so you need to be able to test new updates quickly and thoroughly.

You may also be eyeing up a future migration to S/4HANA, which will require plenty of testing to be a success.

With our solutions, you can ensure that BAU updates to your SAP environment are handled smoothly, as well as prepare for your S/4HANA migration so you can get started with confidence. And, once you’ve migrated, we give you the power to run user acceptance testing (and test ongoing updates) with minimal pain. 

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Your greatest test is yet to come

SAP is a big and complex environment – and that’s why most organizations won’t handle the migration to S/4HANA themselves. But there’s plenty to do around the migration. First, you need to make sure that everything is functioning as it should and all business processes are documented ahead of the migration. And once the migration is complete, you need a plan to handle the regular updates and patches coming your way. Thankfully, our testing solutions have got your back. 

  • Document business processes

    Your business will have a multitude of processes – and documenting them is easy with our solution. Just set it up and let users go about their business.

  • Test all your processes, end-to-end

    Whether you’re automating tests or conducting manual testing, you can test processes that span multiple applications – even if those applications aren’t on SAP.

  • Full regression testing

    Any time you update to your existing SAP environment, you can instantly compare the new and old versions and see everything that’s changed. This is true regression testing, giving you the power to eliminate every bug in the system.

The consultants from Original Software showed us how we could automatically record transactions and processes from our SAP software. For the SAP Upgrade project, because we had no formal test scripts and were starting from scratch, we could see it would be an extremely powerful way of building a test library.


End-to-end across SAP and any app

Your tech stack isn’t limited to just SAP. That’s why our solutions are built to work across your SAP ERP system and any integrated application. So when you need to test a process spanning across SAP, web portal, green screen app or any other integrated system, whether cloud or on-premise, we can help.

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Validate your upgraded SAP faster

UAT is difficult at the best of times, but an upgrade of this scale needs exceptional tools to ensure UAT is done properly and quickly. 

  • A built-for-purpose solution

    No more managing UAT in spreadsheets and emails. Manage everything from test assignments to defect resolution in a dedicated application.

  • Make UAT easy for users

    With a system that takes minutes to learn, and test cases that accurately reflect users’ jobs, users will actually want to do UAT for you – giving you better results

  • Catch every issue

    Help users give meaningful feedback that shows you exactly what the issue is – and then track those issues from triage to completion.

  • Create training materials

    Test results can be turned into written or animated user guides, helping everyone get up to speed with your new SAP environment fast.

Certainteed SAP testing with Original software

See how someone else has done it

Certainteed had a highly customized SAP environment connected to multiple third-party solutions. Weekly regression testing was distracting users from their day jobs; armed with Original Software, the business has saved hundreds of man-hours by creating automated scripts to instantly run fully regression tests after new updates. 

Follow in their footsteps

SAP TESTING resources and support

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Process documentation

Blueprinting like you’ve never seen it before. Quickly and effortlessly map out every business process, just by watching what users do.

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Manual testing

Unobtrusive testing tools that capture everything, even if you’re moving between different SAP applications, or outside of SAP altogether, and that make feedback easy to manage.

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Test automation

Make patching and updates effortless with the most thorough test automation and regression testing tool on the market.

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User acceptance testing

Consultants may handle the migration itself, but you’ll still need to do UAT once the migration is complete. Reduce UAT testing time and effort by 50% with a solution that tracks everything and keeps it in one place.

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Test management

SAP testing is complex. Our solution helps you keep track of who is doing what (including your automated tests) and track issues from identification to completion, to simplify matters.

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