The manual testing tool that helps everyone get more out of the testing process.

Test capture, creation, and feedback – all in one place

Manual testing will always be a vital part of your testing processes – you just can’t automate everything. But there’s no need for manual testing to be painful and inefficient. TestAssist makes it incredibly easy for testers to run their tests – even business users who aren’t familiar with testing. Feedback is concise, accurate, and flagged instantly to test managers so they can triage issues fast. Better still, TestAssist can use existing tests to create new tests, document processes, and even create user guides.

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What can you do with TestAssist?

Process documentation

Quickly and effortlessly map out every business process, simply by recording what users are doing.

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Manual Testing

Whenever a human is in charge of the test, TestAssist captures everything, even if they move between different applications, and make giving feedback easier than accidentally pressing “Reply All” on an emailfalling off your chair.

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User acceptance testing

Bring consistency and calm to your UAT tests, as TestAssist turns even the least technical business user into a testing pro.

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Simple-yet-comprehensive process documentation

Capture all your business processes, no matter how unique or customized, for testing or training purposes.

  • Almost invisible

    TestAssist does its stuff with almost no input from users. They just press start, do what they do, and TestAssist does the rest.

  • Aiding understanding

    Users can add commentary and markup to screenshots to give other users extra context or guidance.

  • End-to-end process capture

    Because TestAssist can capture multiple applications in one recording, it’s perfect for documenting (and testing) end-to-end processes.

  • Test or train?

    Once captured, business processes can be easily turned into test cases for testing, or into guides for new starters. TestAssist can produce guides in Word or PDF, or even as animations.

Before, testing and documentation of testing was done using Excel and numerous copy/paste routines in Word. We have asked ourselves: Why didn’t we have these solutions before?

Tech Consultant Valmet

Manual testing, minus the manual labor

Any time a human being is testing something, TestAssist is there to make the job easier.

  • User-led capture

    TestAssist supports both scripted and exploratory testing – perfect for supporting professional QA testers or business users doing their first test.

  • Any app, and any other app

    TestAssist can record activity on any application – and even across multiple applications – without breaking a sweat. We dare you to find an application it can’t record.

  • Complete capture

    Alongside the test activity itself, TestAssist monitors links and even spelling to make sure everything is as it should be.

  • No more waiting around

    Testers can see the moment they’ve been assigned a test, and test managers can see test results instantly, helping reduce cycle times.

Reduce UAT effort by 60%

Tame the trickiest testing phase of them all.

  • Impossibly easy to use

    Even the most non-technical of your users will be up and running on TestAssist in minutes. It’s that simple.

  • Automatic context

    Users leave feedback by annotating screenshots, so everyone understands what they mean, and that feedback is instantly flagged to test managers so you never miss anything.

  • Easy error replication

    The recordings TestAssist makes mean that you’ll never have to ask a user to replicate an error – you can see exactly how it happened.

  • A full UAT solution

    Combined with our test management software Qualify, TestAssist powers a full UAT solution that enables managers to track tests from creation to completion and issues from detection to resolution.

Featured solutions

Solutions that use TestAssist

Featured solutions.

  • Process documentation

    TestAssist helps you document business processes by simply watching users doing their jobs.

  • Manual testing

    Any time your users need to test something, TestAssist is ready to help, coupled with our management tool, Qualify.

  • User acceptance testing

    UAT is notorious for being difficult because it involves business users, who aren’t always familiar with testing. TestAssist makes it easy for them to perform tests and give feedback that test managers and developers can work with.

What makes TestAssist so good?

We’re proud to say that people love TestAssist. Here are the key bits that get people going.

Application agnostic and multi-app recording

Whatever application you want to test – even single page web applications – can be recorded by TestAssist. It can even record activity across multiple applications.

Capture screenshots and actions

TestAssist captures every click, every keystroke, and captures screenshots of every new screen or page. Users don’t have to do anything to get a complete and full record of their actions.

Scripted or Exploratory testing

Users can be provided with a script that they must follow, or you can use TestAssist for open-ended, exploratory testing. Perfect for those new to testing, experienced testers, and any type of test.

Reuse, modify, and repeat tests

Once a test has been recorded by TestAssist, you can turn it into a new test case for future tests. You can also modify the recording, if you want subsequent tests to look slightly different.

Check everything

While users perform the test, TestAssist can check everything from spelling and images to system performance and any links on a screen, so you get a complete picture of how your application did.

Markup and comments

At any point in the test – or after the test – users can go back to screenshots to raise issues or add comments, from change requests to guidance notes for training materials.

Results viewer

Once the test is done, you can view the results and all associated information.

Issue raising

When users raise issues using the feedback tools in TestAssist, test managers are instantly notified. Triage options enable managers to control what feedback goes to developers.

The software proved very easy for our people to understand and use. Out of 100 users, I think I only had about six calls for help.

Judy Doust Test Manager, Marston's Plc

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