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Latest platform features

March 2024
  • Cookie 9c

    An update to the Cookie 9 release including:

    • Keyboard shortcut functionality enhancing M3 Infor automation
    Release notes
  • Cookie 9b

    An update to the Cookie 9 release including:

    • Extra reporting option for TestAssist to remove the Input ID tags.
    • Easier Chrome/Edge identification and notification to use MSAA
    Release notes
  • TestBench 8.3 release

    More lovely new features for IBM i test data management including:

    • MCDMS Integration.
    • Data Cases
      • Support for Unkeyed files
      • Increased referential constraint support
      • Increased Trigger and Constraint support beyond 32K
      • Wrap Job Log Option
      • TRIM Function for Linking Fields
    • Warp Cases – no¬† change for default ISO Dates
    • Permissions on installation improved
    • Test Environments – Additional Commands for Extended Rollback Support
    Release notes
  • TestBench 8.2.1 release

    New features for IBM i test data management including:

    • Procedure Interception
    • Auto Analyse includes Referential Constraints
    • Support *TODAY type functionality for timestamp fields
    • Support for up to 128 characters for FTP password
    • Environment Rollback feedback
    Release notes


  • Cookie 9 release

    New features added including:

    • Full 2-way integration with JIRA.
    • Interface improvements for To-Do list and Resource Management.
    • Secure SSL connections now platform-wide.
    • Enhanced UAT management:
      • Feedback control
      • M3 Cloudsuite compatibility
      • Enhance control of test save process
      • User control of tests
    • PDA emulator automation
    Release notes
  • Original Software joins Infor Marketplace

    infor app marketplace

    Original Software has joined the Infor Marketplace as an approved supplier of software testing solutions for Infor M3, CloudSuite, LX, XA and LN.

    Infor Marketplace
  • Cookie 8 release

    New features added including:

    • Smartsheet integration
    • Integration and Reporting enhancements
    • Automation enhancements
      • post-playback e-mails
      • added SSL support
    Release notes
  • Cookie 7 release

    New features added including:

    • Resource management enhancements:
      • actual time taken can be input
      • integration of personal and public holidays
      • visibility of individual resources executing multiple type tests
      • user interface improvements
    • Manual testing enhancements:
      • users can re-plot inputs
      • test case shown in sidebar
    • Automation enhancement:
      • edit playlist performance improvements
    Release notes
  • Cookie 6 release

    New features added including:

    • Automation enhancements:
      • Speed improvements for worklists
      • Tracking of multiple tab applications in a browser
    • Test management enhancements:
      • additional integration capability with other systems including JIRA
      • To-Do list now available across multiple types of tests
      • Status and execution at the person level
    • Test management web enhancement
        • SSO added
    Release notes
  • Cookie 5 release

    New features added including:

    • Test management web enhancement:
      • Access linked records
      • New data input options for web API
    • Automation enhancement:
      • support for large grids
    • Manual testing enhancements:
      • manual screenshot capture
      • simplified route to create new records from the sidebar
    Release notes
  • Test management for smart handheld devices

    Test management comes to mobile! You can now run our test management platform from your smart device.

  • Manual testing

    World’s first solution for manual testing

  • Test automation module for browser and client testing

  • Self-healing scripts

    Self-healing technology arrives to solve the script maintenance burden

  • Test Management

  • Automated no-code browser testing

    We release the first automated browser testing product with zero coding required.

  • GUI testing

    Our code-free automated testing solution for GUI is released

  • Original Software Inc incorporated

    Opened in Chicago,IL

  • Test automation for green screen

    green heart on green background

    Launch of the world’s first code-free automated testing solution for green screen (IBM i) applications

  • Test data management for IBM i

    The first server-side testing solutions are released for our IBM i test data management platform

  • Appointed IBM partner

    ibm registered business partner
  • The Original Software Group Limited founded

    Where it all began… the foundations of Original Software were laid

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