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Create test scripts for IBM i 4x faster, without a single line of code. Yes, please.

Automation that feels like magic

Test automation is vital to helping you keep pace with the growing pace of IT updates and application proliferation in your organization. Our IBM i Test Automation solution is vital to helping you automate testing at scale without sacrificing quality or spending hours on script maintenance.

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UI Test Automation that amazes

Our test automation software does the heavy lifting in your IBM i testing to reduce cycle times and reduce the number of bugs that make it into production. All without a line of SQL.

  • Reduce testing time

    Automate any test steps you need, including resetting data or extracting subsets, so you can get through testing faster.

  • One solution for all your applications and interfaces

    Test web apps, desktop applications, even green screen terminals and emulators, and test process end-to-end – so you’ve got a one-stop-shop for test automation.

  • No more script maintenance

    If your software changes, our solution can work out what it needs to do – or you can tell it what to do, mid-test, and save the new test as your default version.

  • Roll back data as needed

    If you need to return your data to an earlier state, all it takes is a few clicks and you’re good to test again.

World-beating regression testing

We take a unique approach to regression testing. Instead of you telling our software what to look for, our software tells you what you should be looking at.

  • Spot every change in the UI

    Automatically check every meaningful element in the UI, so you see the changes you weren’t expecting as well as the ones you were looking for.

  • Additional checks

    Our solution monitors links, images, hardware impact – even spellings – alongside your regression test, to give you a full picture of your applications.

  • Go beyond the UI

    Test underlying components and processes, including MQ messages, batch programs, and reports.

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IBM i Test Data Management – A Best Practice Guide

Our Best Practice Guide helps you plan new ways to manage your IBM i test data so that you can test better, faster, and while keeping sensitive data safe.

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Edrington Distillers automated their testing processes to effect more change in twelve months than in the previous twenty years, using our solutions.

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