IBM i : Create & Manage Test Data

Stop copying the entire live database for your tests, or using old data you’ve been testing with for months. There’s a better way!

Test data to die for

You know that the right test data means the difference between a test that’s useful, and a test that’s utterly useless. Our IBM i Create and Manage Test Data solution gives you the power to run tests using representative samples of live data, without exposing yourself to regulatory risk.

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Data extraction

Quickly get data from your live environment for testing – but not ALL the data from your live environment.

  • A representative cross-section

    Select the data you want to test, and set sampling criteria so you can be sure you’re testing all the relevant data scenarios while keeping your dataset as small as possible.

  • Maintain referential integrity

    Our solution ensures your test dataset behaves just like your full database, so you can test everything you need to and trust your results.

  • Protect sensitive data

    Obfuscate and warp data while still ensuring it remains useful to you for testing.

Data reset

Our solution gives you the ability to restore or reset data without consulting DB admins.

  • Test faster

    Quickly repeat tests with the same data by resetting it in an instant to how it looked at a specific point in time.

  • Roll back to any point

    As long as you have created a checkpoint, you can restore back to it at any time – and you can create as many checkpoints as you wish.

  • Data sandboxes for devs and unit testers

    Our solution can provide a safe and temporary environment where you can run tests on a copy of your dataset, without the need to create checkpoints or reset the data afterwards.

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Create and Manage Test Data
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IBM i Test Data Management – A Best Practice Guide

Our Best Practice Guide helps you plan new ways to manage your IBM i test data so that you can test better, faster, and while keeping sensitive data safe.

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