IBM i : Data Privacy

Keep sensitive data safe while using it in your testing.

Regulations and the right thing

Breaking data protection regulations can incur hefty fines. But it can also open your customers or employees up to unnecessary risk of identity theft and other bad things. Our solution helps you ensure your testing environment isn’t a weak link in your data privacy chain.

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Data masking

Keep your data from being identified, while protecting its usefulness in your testing efforts.

  • Unique vertical scrambling

    Our solution is the only IBM i testing solution to use vertical masking to obfuscate data.

  • It’s still good test data

    The way we obfuscate data means that it functions as it normally would in your tests. If a record appears across multiple files, for instance, it gets scrambled the same way throughout so referential integrity is maintained.

  • Secure scrambling

    The obfuscation happens to the data itself on your test database. If someone stole that data, it would be useless to them.

  • Data sampling

    By taking representative samples of data from your live database, you can limit the volume of data you need to test, keeping more data out of sight.

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Data Privacy
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IBM i Test Data Management – A Best Practice Guide

Our Best Practice Guide helps you plan new ways to manage your IBM i test data so that you can test better, faster, and while keeping sensitive data safe.

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