IBM i : Database Testing

If your database doesn’t work, nothing else will either. Get down into the database details so you can be confident everything works.

Confidence in a bottle

That feeling of knowing you’ve done something right – who doesn’t love that? With our IBM i Database Testing solution, you can get that feeling every time you look at your database, because you’ve been able to quickly check everything that’s happening at the database level during a test and weeded out any errors.

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Data Rules

Data does rule, but we’re talking about how you can use our solution to check that your database is behaving as you expect.

  • Specify rules for your data

    Look for specific values of data, or to check that data has been added or modified in the correct way.

  • Specify data formats

    You can go a step further and ensure that data is in the correct format.

  • Report failures

    Get notified automatically when your rules are breached, so you can zero in on the problems and fix them fast.

Database Effects

Just like hawks are hard-wired to detect movement on the ground, our solution is hard-wired to detect any movement in your database and tell you about it.

  • Report on all activity

    Inserts, updates, and deletes are all captured and shown to you – even if a record is changed multiple times or has been committed.

  • Great for system, integration, and regression testing

    Compare current database activity with a defined baseline such as the previous test run, so you can check that everything is performing as it should after an update.

  • Validation with velocity

    Validate your database with no need for queries or even defining which files and tables to compare, saving you heaps of time.

TestBench for IBM i modules that power this solution

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IBM i Test Data Management – A Best Practice Guide

Our Best Practice Guide helps you plan new ways to manage your IBM i test data so that you can test better, faster, and while keeping sensitive data safe.

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