IBM i : Batch Program and API Testing

Test every element of a program and an API – without resorting to STRDBG.

Testing that’s as advanced as your batch programs

Finally, a testing solution that’s designed for all those batch programs that are crucial to your processes but that you can’t look inside. Plus, it knows how to test and verify the API calls that are increasingly popular in today’s modular programming environment.

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What does it do?

Our IBM i Batch Program and API Testing solution helps you inspect every element of an application and a process, and tracks all changes made to your data during a process.

  • Track everything

    Database changes, job log messages, data queues and areas, API calls, spool files – you name it, you can see what it’s doing.

  • Compare before and after results

    Whether dealing with database updates, structured files, or unstructured reports, Original Software helps you speed up the comparison process- even if the before and after results look very different.

  • Get control of your test data

    Create a subset of your test data that behaves exactly like your full database and contains all the data scenarios you need, so you can quickly verify that your batch processes are running correctly.

TestBench for IBM i modules that power this solution


IBM i Test Data Management – A Best Practice Guide

Our Best Practice Guide helps you plan new ways to manage your IBM i test data so that you can test better, faster, and while keeping sensitive data safe.

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