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It's time to make spreadsheets and screenshots a thing of the past and blast off with the most powerful enterprise testing platform in the universe 🚀

This is how enterprise software testing should be

By having all your testing in one place, you can: 

  • Massively reduce the management burden of software testing 
  • Improve the quality of your test processes, delivering better software to your business 
  • Speed up cycle times, delivering better software faster 

Of course, it helps that our platform also includes some unique and powerful functionality built with test managers and business users in mind. But the platform approach is a large part of what makes our solution so powerful. 

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original software manage

One place to manage all of your testing

Goodbye spreadsheets.

Hello one source of testing truth for your business.

Build, configure and manage all your test assets centrally in a fully configurable, scalable testing platform that plays nicely with your other applications.

Test management really doesn’t get any easier than this.

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OS Platform - Capture

One place to capture your tests

Ready for the ultimate in user acceptance testing?

With our platform, there’s no coding, no tedious note-taking, and screenshot annotations required.

Everything tracked and recorded for every test.

Turn your test recordings into training documents in moments, and speed up your bug resolution time with rich, consistent test reports that your dev team will love.

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OS Platform - Automate

One place to automate your testing

Want to identify every change every time but don’t want to write and maintain code?

Then you need smart test automation that’s completely code-free and self-heals where other automations break.

Turn manual tests into automated tests, see what’s changed from your baseline instantly, and start your journey to bug-free releases.

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Built to connect

Test your entire tech stack on one platform

Your business processes rely on multiple applications working together. Our platform lets you test them all with the same tools – from ERP to single-page web applications. 

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Web order
CRM (Web-based)
Cloud apps

Any ERP welcome

It doesn’t matter whether you’re testing Infor, SAP, Salesforce or any other application. Our platform gives you one place to test them all. 

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Join the happiest customers in the software testing industry

It’s not just our platform that’s industry-leading; our satisfaction scores are also some of the best in the industry. And we’re super proud to say that our customers are overwhelmingly happy to recommend us. 

87% love our platform
86% love our service
77% would recommend

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What’s inside?

Our platform brings together all of your testing operations under one roof. Here are some of the key features and capabilities it brings.

End-to-end testing for business processes

Whether they span one or multiple applications, our platform lets you test the entire process as it’s supposed to be done in real life, so you can be confident of your results.

Works on all apps, on-premise or cloud

Our platform works with major ERP providers, java applications, single-page web applications, and even greenscreen terminal emulators. In fact, our platform is the leading testing solution for IBM i.

Code-free and business-user friendly

We know that your business users aren’t testing experts. You’ve probably got other jobs to get on with outside of testing too. The powerful features of our platform can all be learned quickly and without coding skills. 

Centralised test management and control

One dashboard shows you progress of all your tests, automated and manual, and gives you full access to your test library. You can even drill down to individual test results if you need to.

Automatic capture of every element

Our testing tools capture every click and keystroke, and automatically generates screenshots of every stage – even for automated tests.

Proof of testing rich audit trails

Half of testing is about showing people you’ve done it. Our capture tools automatically generate incredibly rich audit trails, giving you effortless proof of testing and forensic investigative capabilities. 

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