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by Alex Knight on 26th March 2024

Benefact Group: Embracing no-code test automation

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Benefact Group specialist insurer Ecclesiastical Insurance have started their testing journey with enterprise software testing specialists, Original Software. 

Established in 1887, Ecclesiastical is proudly specialist and unique in its services for faith, charity, heritage, education, art and private clients across Ireland, Canada, and the UK. The Benefact Group is an international, charity owned family of business, united by a common purpose: we give our profits to good causes and have a shared commitment to make a difference in the world.

Mike Gibson, Ecclesiastical’s Test Manager, originally approached Original Software in 2022 looking for a solution to support testing on IBM i90 green screen applications for another company within the Benefact Group. On seeing the agnostic capabilities of Original Software’s platform for process capture, manual testing, and automation, that requirement quickly expanded into a solution set capable of testing across their many in-house applications which is set to be used by both the internal team at Ecclesiastical, and their third-party testing services supplier.

Commented Mike, “we chose Original Software because it is platform-agnostic, and therefore will run over our IBM i green screens, desktop, and website applications, often within joined up application tests. The Original Software Platform fills a gap in my portfolio I did not previously have capability for. Now I do.”

An initial trial project provided returns of 17-man days saved in one project with the automation of over 50% of the scripts in their test run. On that example alone, £3k of manual effort will be saved each time they execute that one test run, with the automation set up in a matter of hours.

Mike’s vision is for closer to 100% automation for their user interface testing, and continues, “once done, we will be able to run our full regression test suite at the touch of a button instead of taking up to 5 weeks to do it manually….and it’s not just about pure time saving, it’s reducing our time to market deliverability as well. Additional savings for the companies also involve key business SME’s such as underwriters who previously undertook testing, who can now focus on business value-adds, leaving the testing to the dedicated test team and automated software solutions.

Michael Mochao, Original Software UK & EMEA exec adds, “Ecclesiastical’s approach allowed them to seamlessly integrate our automation software platform into their existing workflows, which has led to improved efficiency and productivity for their team. Their partnership with us is enabling them to overcome resource limitations and set them on a pathway to more automation in their business.”

For more information, check out today, and for more on how Original Software could help you embrace no code test automation in a matter of days, speak to us!

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