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Pegus Research standardize and streamline User Acceptance Testing

PEGUS needed to simplify their UAT process, a critical aspect in ensuring the integrity of the systems they provide.

  • The company

    For nearly 30 years, PEGUS has been a true innovator in OTC-switch research. PEGUS continues to push the boundaries of new methods and technical tools to help solve complicated problems for innovative OTC candidates.

  • The Challenge

    To find new software to support the simplification of the UAT process whilst maintaining a high level of integrity

The result

Substantial time-saving across all UAT projects

Our experience with Original Software has truly been exceptional. In all my time working with different vendors or service providers, I can honestly say that I have few experiences that have been as excellent.

Tera Smith Director of Clinical Data Management


Substantial time-saving across all UAT projects


Streamlined setup and quality control

Process control

Improved consistency of process


Greater visibility & reporting capability


Increased efficiency

The Challenge

For nearly 30 years, PEGUS has been a true innovator in OTC (over the counter) – switch research.  The model they developed for pharmacy-based actual use research is now the industry standard.  PEGUS continue to push the boundaries of new methods and technical tools to help solve complicated problems for innovative OTC candidates.

To support their research, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a critical aspect of ensuring PEGUS provide the best systems, and ultimately the best data, to their sponsors.  Although their UAT package has always been robust and thorough, it has also been cumbersome and difficult to track specific analytics.

PEGUS searched for new software that could support them in simplifying their UAT process while still maintaining the level of integrity PEGUS is accustomed to.  Original Software was an immediate solution that stood out to them.

TestAssist and Qualify Enterprise work seamlessly to help us provide the documentation we need and the visibility and management of our UAT process.

Tera SmithDirector of Clinical Data Management

The Solution

Each of the studies PEGUS works on is unique, and there is very little that can be reused from study to study, so UAT must be conducted from the start for each.  That meant that the typical regression testing software or automated test scripts of other systems held little value in providing a solution for us.  The unique setup of TestAssist and Qualify allows PEGUS to be able to gain some use of test cases that may be reused from study to study, but more importantly, it lends itself to an easy setup for all the items that are unique to each study.

The Benefits

Utilizing the software provided by Original Software has allowed PEGUS to gain time and efficiency in every aspect of their UAT projects. Not only have they been able to standardize and simplify their UAT processes, but they have also been able to streamline their setup and Quality Control package as well.

The time taken to set up each study and execute our test cases has significantly reduced.  We have more visibility and reporting capabilities, which also helps us forecast future projects more accurately.

Tera SmithDirector of Clinical Data ManagementQA Manager, Ageas

What next (the vision moving forward)

“As we move forward as a company, and as our work continues to grow, we see Original Software as a solution that can grow with us and allow us to complete more work to keep up with that growth.

We are excited to see how we may gain even more efficiencies with our continued use and really feel like Original Software is a partner with us on this path.

“Our experience with Original Software has truly been exceptional.  In all my time working with different vendors or service providers, I can honestly say that I have few experiences that have been as excellent.  Original Software walked us through the full setup and was there to make sure everything was exactly how we needed it and answered all questions thoroughly and in a timely manner.  Now that we have been using the system for some time, that support has only continued.  We are often in contact about how things are going for us and what needs we may see for our business in the future.  I really feel that they will be with us along the way and that our success with the product is their foremost concern.  I do not doubt that we will have continued success and satisfaction due to their dedication to our needs.”  

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