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by Resource on 2nd August 2022

Nonprofit organization slashes 50% off UAT testing time

Nonprofit organization slashes UAT testing time by 50%

Introducing Original Software automated testing and UAT with their bespoke Salesforce application brings significant benefits to a major US-based nonprofit organization and charity

The nonprofit organization had several reasons to reach out to Original Software to get help with their solutions.

Primarily, to address their chaotic relationship with User Acceptance Testing: there was very little control and visibility over what had been done, and managing the UAT process was time-consuming and difficult.

A higher-than-average turnover of staff meant that for each UAT release, new staff members had to be trained on the systems. Familiarization and guidance was a pre-requisite before they could test it.  These included a bespoke Salesforce and customer web portal.

The ability to disseminate and articulate requirements was both cumbersome and ad-hoc, and there were no centralized repository or reusable test cases.

The process was run by IT or the PMO, but resources were from all over the business, and as a result there was no standardization of feedback. Error reports were submitted via phone, email, excel spreadsheets and word of mouth, but they all contained different levels of information that were proving hard to triage.

Regression was limited as there was not enough time or resource to complete what was required. This meant test coverage was patchy and led to incidents being found in the production environment.

The company

An established US-based nonprofit organization and charity with around 700 employees

The challenge

To set up an integrated test management process, accessible to all parties, with solutions for UAT,  automated testing and training.

Our solutions

Qualify AQM



The benefits

UAT completed 50% faster

Quicker triage

Faster defect resolution

Significant reduction in defects

Advancement of release schedule

Capturing information

After implementing Qualify Management, TestAssist capture, and TestDrive automation, the entire process began to change for the better.

Initially implementing UAT control and management, the highly customizable management portal was configured to allow the best workflows and information to help the customer.


Instant Test Management

“The newly implemented agile hybrid process used by our customer was completely supported and enhanced by the collaborative approach taken at implementation. This meant that the key resources saved significant time by having the necessary KPIs and information at their fingertips to manage the process as required. What used to take days, with lots of phone calls and requested updates, was now instantaneous. Overall, it is estimated that the first few UAT releases were completed up to 50% quicker than before the Original Software solutions were installed.”

Jonathan Pearson, Customer Success Manager, Original Software

Faster and few defects in live


With a standardized feedback approach implemented, it was easy to see what had been tested and this made triage and defect resolution much quicker.

Although only using simple automation initially, this enabled a much greater coverage of the basic business test cases to ensure that the number of defects found in live dropped significantly

The capture of errors before the UAT phase meant that the business testers spent less time finding bugs and more time giving opinions which is what the organization wanted to ensure a more streamlined application.

What next? (the vision moving forward)

Due to the success of the initial implementation, the future is already here for the nonprofit, with the number of users tripling as the solution is spread to more teams

Using the UAT management and capture technologies has significantly moved the release schedule forward allowing more relevant business-focused functions to be used much earlier than would otherwise have happened. 

On the automation front, as TestDrive is technology-agnostic, more of their applications will be brought into the portfolio so that even more risk and time to delivery can be reduced. This coupled with more depth and breadth in the automation test cases created will ensure future success.


Successful support

Excellent and timely customer service from Original Software really helped the project.

Head Project PM

Part of the success of this organization was down to the Original Software support team and their ability to implement, train and support the staff to achieve the best results.

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