Qualify AQM

For test management, UAT management, and business process capture


Instant access to, and a unified view of all your IT projects​


Unite all aspects of software application lifecycle management from requirements through to deployment


An integrated approach to solving your management challenges.

Qualify AQM allows you to manage your software delivery life cycle process in a streamlined and efficient manner. 

Methodology agnostic, this test management solution, has a zero maintenance burden and allows instant access to and a unified view of all your IT projects from the desktop, web or any smart device. 

Real-time decision making with Qualify AQM

Ultimate test management

Qualify AQM, comes with fully configurable data stores, workflows, electronic signature, security, dashboards, and reporting. 

Access for all

Every member of the team from management, through development and QA, to end users can share in the quality process.  Your team can focus on delivery rather than infrastructure and tools.

Key Features

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Full test asset repository

In a single repository that provides visibility and traceability, it is important to have the ability to store and manage everything related to testing. This may include change requests and requirements, through to executed test results and defects.

Test planning

Plan both the testing needs and resources in a simple drag-drop fashion.

All test phases covered from unit to UAT

All phases of testing can be held and completed within the system. This can start with unit tests and move through to UAT. Reporting on each phase can be done separately if needed.

Test scheduling

Once plans have been built, assign tasks to team members and schedule when they are to be completed.

Test execution management

Once testing has started for a given phase, easily see who is doing what and how much effort is left to complete the test execution. Simply re-assign tasks as needed to ensure the most efficient completion

To do list

To Do Lists provide each user with an ‘at-a-glance’ view of work that is allocated to them.

Test effort capture and analysis

Estimated times to complete a task can be entered, then as they are completed actual times can be saved. Analysis allows for more accurate estimations moving forward.

Test result capture, reporting and analysis

All tests can be recorded to a granular level for either proof of test, or defect reproduction purposes. This documentation can be shared instantaneously with all interested parties. Analysis of the status and transitions of the testing tasks allows for greater understanding of the life of the test.

Defect management

Manage your defects in the same place that you manage your testing with a complete defect management solution.

Feedback management

Improve your issue and defect management by gathering feedback, both positive as well as negative. Analyze and triage feedback prior to raising defects. This includes new product features, design ideas, questions, and risks, as well as standard issues/defects.

Reporting, test metrics and dashboards

Easy to create dashboards, graphs and layouts of data mean that the information that you need is always at your fingertips in plain view.

Consolidated view across one or all test projects

Reporting can be shown across all or any projects/releases/sprints currently being undertaken. This allows for a full departmental picture of current effort and resource expenditure.

End to end reporting

Report on anything and everything from Requirements through to Defects

Centralized communication

Comments and each test process can be made and read by all users of the system. This centralization allows for easy understanding or the current situation by anyone involved in the QA effort.

Workflow control

It is essential that key steps in your quality processes are controlled and can only be passed by the appropriate users. Qualify provides all this and more, enabling rules to be set as to the critical data that must be stored at each step in the process combined with a complete audit trail.

Role-based security

A role-based security model is a fundamental part with a full range of accumulated permissions. Integration with LDAP is fully supported so existing user data can be simply extended.​

Electronic signature

Where external auditing is imperative, electronic signatures can be required on workflow transitions and saving of test results.

Full auditing capability

The system maintains a history of all changes, additions and deletions made to items, enabling complete, auditable reporting.

Web or client UI

Whichever UI works for your team, multiple ways to interact with the system exist. The standard GUI system allows for more complex reporting and PMO. However, a simple to set up and utilize web portal allows visibility, management, ease of use, and workflow control over the many QA phases.

Multi-development methodology

Whichever method your team needs to interact with – waterfall, V model or agile, the solution can handle it. Also included in this are any hybrid variations so you can be sure whatever you do, you can support it.

UAT Management

Often overlooked, there is a whole area dedicated to management UAT; this can be integrated with the normal QA function or run separately. The simplified support is specifically designed for non-technical end-users to test and log information without the need to spend lots of time ramping up capabilities.

Scalable and futureproof

Our solution can be run by smaller teams of less than 5 all the way up to hundreds across an entire company. With the configurations available as your processes and requirements change, the solution can change with you. This ensures in a few years’ time you will not have to go and look for another system to accommodate your new way of working.

Scalable and futureproofed

Our solution can be run by smaller teams of less than 5 all the way up to hundreds across an entire company. With the configurations available as your processes and requirements change, the solution can change with you. This ensures in a few years’ time you will not have to go and look for another system to accommodate your new way of working.

Quick ramp up and implementation

Typically, the system can be set up, and staff trained to use it, within days rather than weeks.

Import/export capability for test assets

All existing documentation, test assets, or any other data can be quickly and easily imported into the system for use. If any information is needed for external data warehouses, there is a full export capability that can be used.

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