Why test?

It's a good question. The answer is because you have to today. With the arrival of CloudSuite's monthly updates and growing integrations, testing is more vital than ever!

There’s more demand for testing than ever. And lots more at stake.

Greater test frequency

ERPs and apps all pushing to the cloud with more regular releases and on their schedule (not yours!)

Greater test coverage

Ever-growing IT ecosystems and increasing integrations plugged into your Infor ERP


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Greater risk

More regular updates from more systems can only mean one thing… greater chance of failure

Testing in numbers

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Testing is a massive challenge for most businesses (however large!). And it’s even harder when you haven’t got the right tools for the job.

  • Over 70% are testing without the right tools

    71% of Infor ERP customers are using non-specialist tools such as spreadsheets and screenshots for testing

  • The single BIGGEST testing challenge

    In a recent survey, we revealed that 60% of Infor ERP customers find that managing time constraints & deadlines are their biggest testing challenge

  • Get half your time back

    By providing a single, centralized testing platform for users to build, capture and automate their tests, we’re typically able to save businesses over 50% of the time it takes to test.

We’ve cut Valmet’s testing time in half✂️

Originally we had planned for 3 months to test the M3 upgrade in 6 countries. With these tools we have cut that time in half and saved 3 - 4,000 hours.

Global ERP Configuration Owner Valmet

What’s the cost of doing nothing…?


That’s $7 trillion dollars: the cost of poor software quality worldwide in 2023. Of which 75% ($5tn) was down to operational software failure. Pretty shocking, right?

So that’s why you really need to test today or be in the news tomorrow. As well as the short-term financial cost to your business of downtime, it could harm your business’s reputation, brand and share price.

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Can your spreadsheet do all this?

Spreadsheets are great: a super versatile business tool anyone can use. While it can do a perfectly good job for lots of use cases in your business, one it really cannot (and should not) do is manage your testing operations. Unlike our platform, Excel simply wasn’t built for testing…

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