User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

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by Resource on 23rd June 2020

UAT Management Solution

A UAT management solution that is simple to use by business testers and easy to administer and report by managers.

A UAT management solution that is simple to use by business testers, and easy to administer and report by managers. Enabling integral support not only for your key systems but all supporting applications as well. This delivers true end-to-end testing, coupled with a global support network and cost effectiveness!

The Challenge

How to streamline User Acceptance Testing (UAT), feedback, survey and administration functions for business users and management.

What the solution needs to do

  • Effortlessly create a proof of testing audit trail
  • Provide a simple test feedback mechanism for users
  • Permit efficient issue and feedback triaging for managers
  • Ensure that defects can be logged in any system needed
  • Facilitate the rapid correction of discovered defects
  • Enable complete traceability and reporting for management
  • Document the current business processes
  • Produce training materials and videos

Business Users Experience

Allow end users to understand what is required easily

A key element in UAT is enabling the end users to understand what needs to be done. With Original Software’s solution, this becomes easy for any user, as the details of the test can be captured and attached to the test case in multiple formats. The manager does the actual assignment of work, but upon login, a user can see a simple to-do list to work from.

No change to the way the user has to work

The systems allow an end-user to navigate through the screens of multiple applications at once whilst recording everything that is done. This is a background process, so will not in any way disrupt or change the way the tester wants to process the test. If explicit steps are associated with the test, these can be seen on the side of the screen as an aide memoir.

One-click feedback

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect for an end user is that with the click of a button, a test can be saved and placed on the system for others to interpret. There is no need to collect data, or send-mails, or update spreadsheets. One click and the test results are recorded, and feedback of any type can be entered into the system.

Everyone gets their say.

The ability to collect end-of-test cycle surveys to establish at a high level the acceptability of a release is a must for most larger UAT setups. With the survey questions allowed to be tailored for each release, the most pertinent and useful questions can be asked of the end users. This ensures that everyone gets their say and encourages a culture of improvement and quality for every release of the application.

Management Experience

Feedback processing

With simple, organized screen views that show all outstanding feedback received, it is easy for managers to triage what has actually happened during the test cycle. Implemented workflow allows specific routes to be taken dependent on the type of feedback, e.g. if this is an issue, then a defect could easily be created if required. 

Integration with other systems

Full extensibility of the system exists so that if an IT system is already in use, this can then be seamlessly integrated. An example is if Jira or dev/ops are used for defect tracking, then these can be plugged in and continue to be used.

Progress Tracking

As all the results and tasks are captured in one system, it is simple to see the progress of any release. Dashboards, graphs, and reporting can be used to show any type of metric required. This can be seen on all types of devices, from mobile to PC. More formal reports are also available for external use or auditing bodies.

End-to-end traceability

An advantage to holding the UAT requirements in one centralized place is that it becomes easy to show traceability. If there are certain requirements that are creating more issues or specific users that find more flaws, then this will now be easy to see.

Survey Results

To add an extra degree of security and depth to the UAT cycle, an ability to create and disseminate surveys to all the users involved has been added to the system. These can be anonymized, and a summary report can be given showing the acceptability quotients of each release. Once a specific bar has been reached, more confidence can be given for a go-live decision.

Why Original Software

Our solution is designed specifically for UAT and Business Users, minimizing the time they need to spend away from their day jobs. Every member of the team, from management through development and QA to end users, can share in the quality process, allowing real-time decision-making and driving predictability.  Your team can focus on delivery rather than infrastructure and tools.

Our clients report time and effort savings of 60%

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