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by Louise Bellamy on 31st January 2024

NEW Test Automation Services: automated testing just got smarter 

Get test automation up and running for your organization without paying over the odds for it. 

The benefits of test automation over manual testing are clear: as the volume and complexity of testing you need to do continues to grow, automating your testing is one of the best ways to keep testing effective and manageable. Plus, if it’s done right, test automation can increase the quality of your testing, catching more bugs and helping you release better software to your business users. 

But setting up test automation can feel like a big mountain to climb, especially if your organization doesn’t have any internal resources with experience in using test automation solutions. So big, in fact, that many prefer to outsource testing to a third party – whether an independent contractor or a consultancy – to keep pace with testing needs. 

Now, there’s another way. 

Original Software has launched a new service designed to make it easy for you to get started with test automation. You get to avoid the costs of outsourcing, but still keep pace with the testing you need to do. Sounds good, right? We thought so, too. 

How do Test Automation Services work? 

We already offer a Test Automation solution that enables you to create and maintain a library of automated test scripts, with a unique testing method that catches every change in your applications without you having to specify what to look for quickly and easily.  

Using our Test Automation Services gives you all that – plus, we set it all up for you.  

Test Automation Services allow you to go from no test automation to a complete set of automated test scripts in one go – perfect for those who have yet to start on their test automation journey. And, because it’s been set up by the people who built the software (us), you can be confident that your test automation solution is working as well as it possibly can. We know all the features, configuration options, and best practices when it comes to setting up our Test Automation solution; working with us gives you them all. 

A photo of a man sat at a laptop, he has a big smile on his face as Original Software's Test Automation Services have made his software testing much easier.

Once things are set up, we provide training that enables you or your testing partner to manage and maintain your library of scripts – and our support teams are always on hand if you get stuck. After all, once new versions of your applications have been tested manually for the first time, you’ll want to add those tests to your collection of automated scripts to keep enjoying the benefits of test automation.

Why choose Test Automation Services

That point about ongoing maintenance is a good place to start, actually. Maintaining your library of test scripts, and being able to troubleshoot issues as they come up, is vital to making sure your test automation continues to deliver value. Consultants and contractors brought in to do the job often use test automation solutions they’ve built themselves, using open-source software – and if they aren’t around to help troubleshoot or to maintain your library for any reason, it can be very difficult for someone else to pick everything up.  

Because we provide training on test library maintenance and offer support for if you can’t troubleshoot issues yourself, Test Automation Services removes the risk of issues coming up that nobody can fix. Plus, because you’re using proven software that’s actively supported and maintained, there’s no risk of your test automation solution grinding to a halt and nobody being able to fix it. 

Speaking of the solution – that is of course a big part of the draw. Our Test Automation solution is unlike anything else on the market – primarily because, instead of you programming it to look for specific errors, it looks at everything that’s changed in your software. Time and again our customers report that their Test Automation solution flags issues that they would never have found otherwise, because they didn’t know to check for them. Simply put, Original Software can eliminate up to 100% of bugs in software, every time. It even checks system performance, images, and spellings, too. 

Plus, we take a different approach to code-free automation to other providers, which makes our test scripts self-healing. Most test scripts are based on logical steps, which fail if a piece of software has changed too much (for instance if a button has moved, or a form has changed). If they break, they can’t continue. Our solution uses patented object recognition to spot changed items, and automatically adjusts the test script to keep the test running. What that means for you is less time spent fixing test scripts, and no nasty surprises when you return to your desk only to find your automated tests stopped working ages ago, wasting valuable testing time. 

Imagine all of that, completely at your control, without the effort of setting it up. Feels good, right? You can keep testing costs down by not outsourcing, get access to top-quality testing software, and get the skills in-house to maintain the system long into the future.  

How do I get started? 

Talk to us! It’s that simple. Click the button below to go to our contact us page, where you can fill in a form or book a meeting with one of our experts to talk through your needs and explain more about how Test Automation Services works. 

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