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by Resource on 27th October 2021

Webinar – Increase software quality, reduce risk and automate for IBM i

How change management and testing work together

Change management and testing tools help IBM i businesses effectively and safely manage software development. When used in concert, they amplify efficiency and velocity regardless of your chosen methodology, while protecting your core production systems from errors.

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In this joint webinar, technology partners Original Software and Midrange Dynamics discuss how integrated change management and automated testing benefit application maintenance, modernization projects, fixes, and your IT projects.

Midrange Dynamics and Original Software have formed a technology partnership to bring the best of breed in Change Management and Automated Testing solutions to market, in an integrated approach to delivering issue-free changes, and hence protecting your core production systems from errors. The approach brings efficiency and increased velocity to your development life cycle, regardless of your chosen methodology.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Increase software quality and reduce risk to deliver issue-free changes
  • Dramatically reduce production downtime using intelligent automation
  • Implement effective change management with a comprehensive IBM i testing approach

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