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by Jonathan Pearson on 7th June 2020

Scarlet Witch and IBM i. You may not possess chaos magic yourself

But you can use it to help with your GDPR & HIPA compliance.

The Scarlet Witch was kidnapped and used as a subject of genetic experimentation by the High Evolutionary. This left her a powerful sorceress with abilities to alter the world in many ways. Luckily, you can use witch-type abilities in the world of data without any genetic manipulation; let us explore how

The need to use production data, and de-identify it for testing purposes, is crucial in today’s data-sensitive environments. Due to the current regulations, it is illegal to use personal or sensitive data for the purposes of testing or training without changing it first.

This is where the chaos magic of TestBench helps; there are multiple ways that data can be scrambled or masked, dependent on your requirements. This could be a simple vertical scramble, a complete randomization of fields, or even your own custom plug-in. No matter what or type of masking you select, the referential integrity will always be kept consistent across the tables, so the data is still valid.

So now, with TestBench, you too can manipulate your reality and ensure data confidentiality will never be a problem again.

Next episode. Wonder Woman – born to fight battles in the world of regression testing.

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