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by Sara Ponsford on 26th July 2019

IBM i Client Access is dead- Long Live IBM i ACS (Access Client Solutions)

Technology moves on but will your core applications still work as expected?

There are many technologies which, at the time, we could not imagine a world without.

Many of us will remember when there was a phone box on every corner, and in order to find out the number you needed, you had to leaf through a chunky phone directory.  No one would have dreamed that these would be replaced with mobile phones and the internet a few short years later.

These, however, are not the only stalwarts of communication that have become obsolete.  Effective from April this year, IBM withdrew support for IBM i  Access for Windows, or Client Access, to use its more traditional and well-known name.  This has long been the backbone of companies with iSeries installations, and moving away from it is a daunting prospect.  They have a replacement, IBM i  Access Client Solutions (ACS), which is similar but not the same.

It’s vital that you ensure your core applications still work as expected and you validate any differences that could result in a catastrophic impact on your business.

Come and talk to us and see how we can help you identify any unintended consequences that may affect your systems.

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