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by Jonathan Pearson on 8th June 2020

Wonder Woman and IBM i

Wonder Woman. Born to fight battles in the world of regression testing with the IBMi.

Make tomorrow a better world to live in.

Wonder Woman, princess of the Amazon, came into existence during the time of a great war. So TestBench was born to fight battles in the world of regression testing with the IBM i.

One of the main weapons used by Wonder Woman is the lasso of truth; once caught in this trap, the culprit must reveal all. In the same way, Original Software’s TestBench and TestDrive can extract the total truth from any test run by comparing all UI, database and other activity against a selected baseline. This can be for manual testing, but with automation, it takes on a whole new dimension.

It is like TestBench and TestDrive playing spot the difference while you get on with driving the test.

Things like dates and times can be blocked from being checked, but the advantage is that every other field can be checked without the need to make manual validations. Any warnings from the IBM i can also be captured and checked, with levels set to show warnings when a system has breached the limits

Like using Wonder Woman’s enhanced senses, any potential changes to a file can be run through the system, and the potential impact on the software can be estimated before the change is made. Using these plan cases, the best-associated tests can be employed when the actual change is made, thus minimizing any potential knock-on effect.

Seamlessly moving from both UI testing to batch testing is as easy as flying through the air, and these checks can also be run overnight if preferred.

So, if you are ready for a warrior princess to help with IBM i regression testing, then call today for a quick chat, and make tomorrow a better world to live in.

Next superhero – Superman with his heat vision

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