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by Jonathan Pearson on 5th June 2020

Spiderman and IBM i. A superhero’s approach to agile testing

Is validating your iSeries applications starting to get sticky?

Are you swinging from pillar to post just to keep on top of things? Then Original Software’s TestBench, with the help of some Spiderman powers, can make a difference.

To ensure an IBMi application is functioning correctly, it is important to not just rely on what you can see but to check what is happening beneath the covers. TestBench has a built-in spider-sense that can automatically collate database traffic, message traffic, job logs, data areas and more to and show an integrated timeline of events. No more SQL and rooting around to find this key validation data, it’s all in one easily referenceable place..

Like Spiderman, agility is the key to TestBench test cases. Once created, anybody can run the test and get those in-depth results. So even non-technical staff can be utilized to execute tests while automatically gathering the diagnostic data essential for a rapid fix in the event of failure. 

You can extend the web even further using file compares, intelligent spool file compares and dynamic data validation rules.

Why should you and your team spend time climbing the walls when TestBench will check everything every time?

Stay tuned for the next episode, The Hulk…

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