Test Management

Complete and comprehensive test management, enabling faster delivery of high-quality software.

Suitable for all team sizes, methods and ways of testing.


Instant access and a unified view for all users


HIghly configurable


A test management framework to reduce risk


Qualify AQM - it was exactly what we needed to manage our testing effectively.

Judy Doust, Test Manager

Marston’s deployed Original Software solutions to reduce the time and cost of ensuring a high-quality, low-risk SAP upgrade.To automate the capture of business processes needed to create high-quality tests and provide a test management framework to reduce the risk during SAP upgrades.

A Test Manager's Super Solution

Everything in one place

A single unified view of change information, test analysis, test cases, scenarios and data, coverage, tasks, resources, planning, result capture, test status reporting, analysis, and defect management. All in one place.

Manage and report on all test phases

Manage all test phases such as Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Performance Testing.

Complete and Comprehensive Test Management

Any size, methodology

Suitable for all team sizes, methods and ways of testing.

Infinite customizations

Infinite customizations and integrations with existing software.


Real-time insights for all key stakeholders

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Unified, multi-role views

 Over all aspects of the SDLC process.

Web UI

For staff at multiple locations or working remotely. Also accessible via tablet/mobile.

Visibility & traceability

Full bi-directional traceability and resource management.

How Original Software helped Ageas

The Story

Ageas UK is a provider of Personal and Commercial insurance in the UK, employing around 3000 people with offices nationwide.  With an increasingly complex application portfolio, there was a need to improve the quality of delivery. Hiring additional employees was not an option.

How we helped

Ageas  has been able to set up efficient, scalable testing that has significantly improved both IT productivity and user productivity. Across the application portfolio – from business intelligence, the marketing database, to accounts and agent systems – the benefits are felt.

Key Benefits

Post deployment issues reduced by over 94%


Test efficiency rose 125% in the first year


Significantly improved IT and user productiivity


Greater visibility & reporting capability


The Qualify product has made planning unbelievably easier. Now, it takes about ten minutes a week. And what's even better is that the test teams can manage their own workloads. It's easy for them to access Qualify and prioritize tasks themselves

Chris Andrews QA Manager Ageas

Yes, as Qualify is customizable it can be used in many SDLC methodologies. Agile hybrid is more common today as development teams use agile, but the regression and integration testing is still needed to be done in more of a waterfall way.

Yes, industry standard role based security can be applied to all the main processes. This means that only the people you need are allowed to perform certain updates or processes. Electronic signatures can also be utilized for more specific SOP such as those used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Qualify comes with a full set of standard dashboards, charts, and simple reports, however users can also create their own unique view of the data dependent upon requirements.  A full ‘professional’ report designer tool that can be utilized if a more encompassing output is required. These reports can be saved in most of the standard formats.

The ultimate test management solution

Instant access available to all

Full test asset repository

Everything in one place from change requests and requirements to results and defects.

Instant access & a unified view

Every member of the team can share in the quality process, allowing real-time decision making and driving predictability

Dashboards & reporting

Easy to create dashboards, graphs and layouts of data mean that the information that you need is always at your fingertips in plain view.

Fully configurable & scalable

Fully customizable to suit your needs and as your processes and requirements change, the solution can change with you

Survey and Capture

All phases of testing can be held and completed within Qualify Start with unit and move through to UAT. Report on each phase separately if needed.

Role based security

Choose from a range of accumulated permissions. Integration with LDAP is fully supported so existing user data can be simply extended.

Workflow control

Key steps in your quality processes can be controlled and only be passed by the appropriate users. A complete audit trail is available.

Electronic signature security

Where external auditing is imperative, electronic signatures can be required on workflow transitions and saving of test results..

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