User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

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by Jonathan Pearson on 28th August 2020

TAU of UAT – Spontaneity


..that which is naturally so!

Naturalness or spontaneity as in the phrase ‘that which is naturally so’, meaning the condition that something will be in if it is permitted to exist and develop naturally and without interference or conflict.

In UAT this is mainly seen in how the users are interacted with, however it is imperative that effective risk mitigation is given through the UAT efforts to ensure that the final product works and is fit for purpose.

To do this a subtle mix of ensuring what needs testing is fully understood, so that the required level of testing is done, and not being overly prescriptive in the requirements. Due to how TestAssist ensures that every test is automatically documented with full steps for any process, and that this can be word or animation and held against any specific UAT test case. Any existing test steps can be simply imported into the system for use so any previous efforts can still be relied on. As each test will require the steps to be followed and acknowledged, then the quality of testing will increase. This will also be quickly evident in the results of the test that have been recorded.

However, it is very important to allow spontaneity for completely open UI/UX tests so that the business user can really begin to understand and check out the system. This ‘play’ time is often one of the most effective areas of the UAT process and should be encouraged.

Finally, to ensure that the UAT users can get to grips with any system, a simple ’to do’ list can be used, and worked through, from a web front end. This will ensure that whether the tests are specific required steps, or more exploratory testing, the users will have a very simple and effective way of executing the test and giving feedback.

Checkout the UAT options available and find the solution that best meets your needs.

Jonathan Pearson is a qualified yoga instructor and  Customer Success Manager at Original Software

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