User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

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by Rich Edmondson on 1st December 2020

UAT Survey Report

It is evident that User Acceptance Testing, or UAT, is a massively important part of any application delivery project, with 88% of respondents saying UAT is key to achieving quality objectives. 29% said that the quality of delivered software to the UAT team was less than adequate, reinforcing the importance of UAT.

For a long time, CIOs have been saying that aligning IT with the business is one of their top priorities. But, when it comes to UAT, it seems that IT is abandoning the company and leaving it to plan, manage and execute it on its own.

Less than 50% of people in the survey were provided with tools to support UAT, relying on Excel to plan and track their activities. When tools were provided, they tended to be for defect tracking and supporting IT rather than UAT.

With less than 50% of the surveyed responders having access to tools which are effective in supporting the UAT process, it’s more important than ever to be optimising the UAT process from the scope through to reviewing and managing the issues detected.

The ‘Ultimate UAT Guide’ explores the holistic process and provides tips and best practices for delivering effective User Acceptance Testing.


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