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by Colin Armitage on 29th April 2020

SAP – Are you also struggling with all the changes and modifications?

Free up some resource now and give yourself time to think ahead to S/4HANA

Keeping pace with the weight of changes is never easy. Adding to that, the need to start preparing for the migration to HANA and S/4 HANA is giving many companies running SAP a major headache.

Less so for those who have taken advantage of code-free test automation thankfully.

Here’s one reason to consider automating your testing from CertainTeed’s IT Director:

“100’s of man-hours saved, and 0 defects reached production”

“100’s of man-hours saved, and 0 defects reached production”

Take a look at CertainTeed’s successful approach in this case study.
We’ve helped many clients to similar success who report time and effort savings of up to 75%, and we can help you.
Get in touch and see how it can apply to your business.
Colin Armitage is the CEO of Original Software
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