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by Jonathan Pearson on 3rd July 2019

Lawn mowers – hand push or self-propelled?

Testing your next SAP upgrade – manually or using code free automation?

Thoughts from the ASUG Wisconsin summer chapter meeting

Ever raced lawn mowers before? No neither had I but after visiting the museum at Briggs and Stratton HQ in Milwaukee last week, (our hosts for the Wisconsin SAP chapter meeting), my eyes were opened. Not only was every type of small engine they have ever made on the show but even an innovative hybrid car from 1978, which was way before its time.

It got me thinking, innovation and speed were the key reasons behind Original’s success in the SAP market.

When it comes to lawnmowers unless you have a yard the size of a postage stamp few if any would consider cutting it with a hand push. Most will use one with an engine of some sort whether push, self-propelled or even riding.

So when it comes to upgrading, patching and adding new functionality to your SAP platform, why overwhelm your end-users when you can employ a solution or ‘engine’ that can both speed up the process and deliver a quality outcome.

I delivered a presentation explaining how one of OSG’s customers had used the code-free QA automation solution to great effect. The result is a much-reduced time taken to deliver the project as well as zero defects in production, which has led to an increase in competitiveness in the marketplace.

Whilst I appreciate the business effects of the uniqueness of the solution and greater velocity, I don’t think I will be trying my hand at lawnmower racing anytime soon, but if I did I certainly be looking for a powerful engine.

Jonathan Pearson is the Pre-Sales Consulting Manager at Original Software

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