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by Colin Armitage on 18th May 2020

Buy yourself time to prep for S/4HANA – automate your SAP testing today.



HANA is a real place in Maui and the road to it is long and has lots of twists, turns, and bends.

The same could be said of the forced migration path to HANA and S/4 HANA.

Many are finding starting the project so difficult because they are still trying to keep up with all the changes to the current systems, whether internal mods or patches coming from SAP.

Those that have adopted code-free test automation have made significant savings in time, risk, and effort (our clients say on average up to 75%) enabling them to invest time and resources on the migration (or re-implementation) project, as well as creating assets that will speed up that inevitable journey.

Hear Marston’s Plc’s tell the story of how they solved their testing challenge.

Not only have we helped Marston’s Plc, but we’ve also helped CertainTeed and many others.

We can help you too

Get in touch today to see how it can apply to your business.

Colin Armitage is the CEO of Original Software

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