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by Resource on 14th May 2020

SAP ECC – Making the journey to S/4HANA smoother, quicker, and safer.

SAP ECC – Making the Journey to S/4HANA Smoother, Quicker and Safer

Buy yourself time by reducing the current workload using this ten-point plan

A Ten-Point Plan

  • Harness the business users’ knowledge to determine scenarios and data.
  • Implement user-friendly Test Automation.
  • Ensure you have a code-free solution. With no need for programmers, BAs and Testers can build and maintain the automation.
  • Automating testing means that business users, analysts, and testing teams will be more available.
  • Use automation that works with ECC, S/4 (Fiori), any web application, windows client software, and Java apps to support full end-to-end testing.
  • Save resources as script maintenance disappears thanks to AI intelligence.
  • Speed up remaining manual testing with the automatic creation of full evidence. Issues are immediately understood and addressed more quickly.
  • Stop bugs reaching live production with a 100% regression test that can be run over the whole system.
  • Business users will need less time, as key tests are automated for every cycle, and they only need to look at the changes.
  • Devote the freed-up time and resources to HANA.

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