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by George Wilson on 3rd May 2019

IBM i’s Achilles Heel.

Managing the IBM i weak spot.

The IBM i midrange platform has a long history of reliability.  It just keeps running with a strong and seemingly bullet-proof combination of hardware and operating system.  But it still has a weak spot; changes to the application software.  If something has gone wrong, it is an almost certain bet the cause will be in your application code.

Due to the componentized nature of the typical IBM i application’s architecture, testing changes can be a real headache because no one fully understands the nature of the connections and the impact of a change. This is exacerbated by the unique internal technologies specific to this platform.  This combination has even paralysed some organizations that are afraid to make significant changes.

That’s why so many of the top organizations using IBM i also use TestBench to ensure that the full impact of any change has been understood and tested, creating a security wall around production which is impenetrable to defects.

That way, arguably, the safest business platform on the planet is also the most resilient to software defects – peace of mind maximized.

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