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by George Wilson on 7th June 2021

IBM i test data management challenges and how to solve them. No. 2 Data Confidentiality

The key challenges comprise four elements:

  • Test Data
  • Data Confidentiality
  • Data Reuse
  • Validation

You may now have an extract of live data; however, if you use it, you run a great risk of a data breach and severe penalties.  It can also be difficult to mask test data without destroying its usefulness.

Thankfully we have a solution simple but effective, data masking or obfuscation can be employed to remove the ability to identify an individual from the data held in your Test Data Environments, from Name and Address to SSNs and credit card numbers.

Find out how in our best practice guide.

This guide explores the key principles and techniques as they relate to the creation, maintenance, validation, use, and re-use of test data environments on the IBM i, IBM iSeries & IBM AS/400 and offers practical solutions for success.

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