User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

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by George Wilson on 16th February 2023

A step-by-step guide to User Acceptance Testing. 10. Repeat

If your UAT, Conference Room Pilot (CRP), or Model Office Testing (MOT) project has been completed successfully with only one cycle, you are very lucky, very good, or both!  It is most likely that a number of cycles will be needed, perhaps with reduced effort and coverage as the testing progresses and confidence in some areas solidifies.

But this is also a time to be careful, as spotlighting only the areas of the latest concern may allow errors to sneak past in previously cleared tests that have not been repeated.  This is where automation of these areas can pay dividends, providing confidence without the hard work.

However, during this time, it is important to still be careful in reviewing the whole software and not only the previously concerned areas. This may result in undetected errors not being flagged up; using automation in these scenarios can provide confidence without committing more resources. Having got successfully through the first cycle of testing, the remaining tests will be easier and the plan considerably shorter.

Replan for testing

  • Determine the approach you wish to take
  • Ensure that you are testing this holistically and not just for repeated failures.
  • What regression testing will be taking place – Whole, part, manual, or automated?
  • Provide a data environment matching the tests needs.

Apply automation to areas not needing manual testing

  • Re-baseline scripts to include changes
  • Review the results with users

Once all preparation for repeating the tests has been conducted, you will need to repeat the execute, review, and manage sections of the guide.

As with any testing process, not all phases need to be implemented within every project, but each should be considered to achieve the best possible outcome.

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We are covering the whole approach to UAT in a step-by-step guide.  You can read the next part, Retrospective, or any of the other sections here:





Preparation & Initiation

Detailed plan



Review and manage




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