Enterprise IT Management

Visibility and efficiency in a single solution providing comprehensive IT Management for all teams.

HIghly configurable


Encompass all activities in IT


What can Enterprise IT Management​ do for you?

Highly configurable

Highly configurable data storage, asset repository, resource management, workflow and task management.

Full traceability

Full traceability, flexibility, reporting and dashboards. 

Encompass all activities in IT

Encompass all activities in IT, from the CIO and the PMO, to the business users testing and the trainers helping them.

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility of the status of everything with role level security and protocols

Enterprise IT Management

Everything in the right place at the right time


Access for all

Our Enterprise IT Management software enables everyone to store and access the documents they need, to go with the task they are performing. So everything is in the right place, at the right time.

Unite information

Keep information required by the different teams: Networks/Operations, Business Analysts, Enterprise Architects, Development, QA, UAT, Project Managers, and the PMO, all in one place.

Collaboration and visibility

Horizontal visibility & vertical clarity

One platform that supports everyone in a joined up way, providing both horizontal visibility to enhance collaboration and efficiency. Alongside vertical clarity to provide decision making metrics and status reporting. No need to collate data from multiple sources.

Customized views

Different windows and views, for different people or groups, including customers and partners where needed. This is backed by full security protocols and electronic signatures.


Resource Management

Manual testing 2 (1)

Control resources

By having control of pools of resources at a high level for project planning purposes Project Managers can determine the viability of projects, based on resource levels and timescales.

Skill sets and availability

Resource planning and optimization that takes account of skills and availability from other work commitments plus vacations and planned leave.

Integrated cost control

Integrates with what the team does on a day to day basis. This means that data can be collected as part of doing normal tasks, without having a separate process.Resource planning and optimization that takes account of skills and availability from other work commitments plus vacations and planned leave.

"Original Software creates an environment where both IT and Business Users are held accountable, with an enhanced transparency of processes.."

Martin Moen, Deputy CIO IPERS

The IT Management Solution

Delivering visibility and efficiency

Full PMO

Supports high-level planning and resourcing tasks, including programs grouped into portfolios, program and project budgets, resourcing RAID reporting, status reports, and RAG analysis.

Defect Management

Manage your defects in the same place that you manage your testing with a complete defect management solution..

Integration to other systems

Link with, create, amend, and display information held within point solutions such as Microsoft TFS and JIRA. Also comes with a powerful data import capability

Customized end-to-end processing

Adapt the solution to your exact requirements e.g. add new data columns to existing entities or even whole new data entities.

Requirements Management

A comprehensive requirements management capability showing full end-to-end traceability linked to all related tasks in the process

Resource Management

A complete view of all the work in progress, allocated tasks and forward projects – highlighting areas of potential contention and endangered dead-lines

Work level forecasting

Keeps track of project assignments for forthcoming projects and programs with workloads and budgets accumulated to the next level up.

Release Management

Total visibility of all the tasks and their status, whether ahead of development, development allow informed decisions and planning.

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