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by Colin Armitage on 11th May 2020

Does your SAP house creak with every change?


How can you hope to maintain application quality while also handling a migration to S4/HANA?

Ensuring the foundations of your SAP implementation don’t wobble every time you implement a change is a major challenge.

Testing represents the biggest workload for patches, enhancements and the migration, so why not get that sorted first?

Automated testing can transform your productivity while simultaneously improving application quality. If you believe in the benefits but fear the path to those benefits will be stony and long, we’d like to share how our unique code-free approach has helped Marston’s realise those benefits, and much faster than you might imagine.


Watch the video

We have a solution, that’s proven to work, that can help you to get your house in order today with less effort than you expect

Reach out and get in touch if you need anything from us.

Colin Armitage is the CEO of Original Software

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