Regression testing

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by Colin Armitage on 17th May 2019

ASUG Conference Regression testing silver bullet-The audience loved…

that it worked over all applications – not just SAP and it checks everything… yes everything.

Marc Croquette is an IT Director at CertainTeed Corporation responsible for multiple heavily customized SAP implementations across 5 divisions. 

At last week’s ASUG Annual Conference he shared his imaginative approach to regression testing, developed in partnership with Original Software. The result – a faster delivery schedule and zero defects in production. 

Core to his team’s success is a code-free automated regression test pack of over 200 business scenarios where every change is automatically identified and reviewed. 

The outcome – 
• 5 significant defects captured in 10 months
• Zero defects in production
• Hundreds of man days saved in training documentation

Not to mention efficient super users, comprehensive audit documentation, and improved business confidence.

Would you like to know how it could apply to your business? Contact us here and we’ll be in touch.

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