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by Colin Armitage on 10th June 2020

We know SAP can be a pain sometimes


Ensure nothing is broken whenever you upgrade and patch your SAP system

We know how hard it can be to ensure nothing is broken whenever you upgrade and patch your SAP system. Whether you apply changes weekly, monthly or just occasionally, it takes a great deal of time and effort to make sure everything is behaving as it should.

So, what would you say if we could help improve results, lower your cost, and significantly reduce delays?

Whether you are upgrading, patching, or migrating, it is essential to integrate resources from all aspects of the business into the project.

Amongst other issues, this brings challenges to communications and project management. Hear our client Marston’s Plc discuss how they tackled the problem with the help of Qualify AQM and TestDrive.

Watch the video

We really can provide you with a comprehensive solution to test and validate whatever your SAP ecosystem looks like, whether ECC or S/4 HANA.
To find out more about how it could apply to your business, reach out to us today.
Colin Armitage is the CEO of Original Software
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