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by Resource on 28th July 2021

Webinar: What killed regression testing

hat killed regression testing

How to have fool-proof, high coverage regression testing on demand

Once viewed as the panacea of all testing, automation can quickly fail and become a burden that teams are forced to drop. This is costly and also puts off teams from trying again with newer, designed-to-work, systems that can deliver on the original promises given by your test automation suite.

In this webinar we will:

  • review the key areas that can cause failure to happen,
  • offer some advice on how to avoid these pitfalls, including the elimination of that time absorbing, project killing script maintenance.
  • We will share a practical approach to fool-proof, high-coverage regression testing on demand. 

Automated testing does have immense potential value; to have real peace of mind in the knowledge that everything has been tested, regardless of whether you are expecting it to change or not, is very reassuring.

Join us on this no-nonsense webinar so that you can deliver on your regression ideal and sleep easily the night before you implement change.

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