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by Jonathan Pearson on 6th June 2020

Hulk and IBM i. Have you Hulked out over testing?

Revert to Dr. Bruce Banner today.

We have all seen the Hulk change once he gets angry and turn into everyone’s favourite green monster. With Original Software’s TestDrive for IBMi automation and regression testing, there is no need to get that angry ever again. However, in some ways, The Hulk can be handy 

Once set to the task, there is no other character that is stronger or more robust than the Hulk. Just like the Hulk, with our patented AI technology, it would take a major change in your systems to stop TestDrive automation in its tracks. Every individual screen element is captured automatically and intelligently tracked. So TestDrive can still recognise it even when it is moved, or the underlying architecture has changed.

Did you know that the Hulk also had lightning speed? With a typical run-through velocity of 5 times faster than would be possible to type, TestDrive automation transforms the coverage possible with a test. When ran overnight, you can easily execute a week’s worth of testing with a single license. That’s quicker than the Hulk could type, presuming on the keyboard surviving his smashing fists!

Like the Hulk, the regeneration and self-healing capabilities of TestDrive are also second to none, even when new screens or business processes are required. Using the resync functionality, there is no need for time-sapping maintenance of your automation scripts, with one run-through, the scripts involved are automatically aligned to the new application UI and process.

Get in touch today and find out how, like the Hulk, your system regression tests become bulletproof.

Next in the series Scarlet Witch…

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