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by Adrian Rogers on 15th July 2019

Test Automation – in the pits or podium finish?


Yesterday’s British Grand Prix saw a collision between Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen, which was instrumental in deciding the outcome of the race. Both managed to continue but Verstappen commented afterwards he was lucky to get his car across the finishing line as, along with other problems, his power steering failed.

Crashes are not uncommon but it’s far from ideal when you have such an expensive piece of equipment that has been developed and fine-tuned by a team of specialist engineers.

It also ā€œstruckā€ me (excuse the pun) the same is true of automated software testing tools.Ā  You don’t want to go through an extensive process of procurement, installation and training to “crash” when the team starts to use it in earnest. The last thing you need is to have to stop and return to the pits to get scripts rewritten.

What you really need is a fast return on your investment; a fast getaway from the grid.Ā  That’s what’s so good about Original Softwareā€™s test automation tool, itā€™s code-free design and ease of use, means you do not need to be an engineer or programmer to quickly create advanced test automation.Ā  Plus its self-healing scripts means you can keep your foot on the accelerator pedal round every corner.Ā  So, if you want to get into pole position, come and have a chat with the team that can get you past that chequered flag.

Adrian Rogers is a QA SpecialistĀ  at Original Software.

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